Anyone can learn the Spiritual Science of the Rosicrucian Path of Soul Development. It is the path of Knowledge, light and most importantly it brings freedom from thoughts that torment the soul as longing, doubt, frustration, fear, and hopelessness. (etc) It will restore your faith, trust, warmth of heart, and inner vitality...and it may even make you LOOK younger!
The Rosicrucian Path of Wisdom found here will heal your soul. It also integrates with every known teaching, so don't worry about your culture or religion. This is the path of freedom and of inner strength, and moral truth.  It is good and refreshing as water does for the body you can do for your spirit! You will see how great you can feel through doing our special meditations and listening to the talks and absorbing the knowledge.
I have spent my lifetime seeking answers to all of life's riddles and questions. The path I teach will answer your hearts true questions, and bring peace and calm to the soul by answering your deepest and perhaps forgotten questions of life. But the questions are still there, and they have to be answered some day, Why not begin your quest and get your soul on this path f knowledge? Start by Enrolling (FREE enrollment - Please Register First On Our Site First) in the Listening-Hall -> CLICK HERE<- and then the journey begins!
This teaching is unique to our school because it came as inspirations while talking with students and sharing ideas about riddles, questions and answers. You get to hear them in my Tazo Talks!