These are highly esoteric studies of a Realm of Nature which is made visible by the emanation of light of Higher Spiritual Natures.  One can prepare for the work in the higher kingdoms of nature by studying the path of spiritual knowledge and being.  Christians of the higher spirituality come from every religion, culture, race, philosophy. It is higher spirituality and one can rightly say the achievement is the goal of all religions. These studies are therefore for all seekers of light East and West, North and South. We hope you will gain much wisdom and blessings in studying them!  

Join Tazo in this exploration of the Mysteries of the Aetheric Christ

What have clairvoyant teachers spoken of regarding this event? Learn about the mysteries of the Aetheric Christ in this course of lectures. Take part in the community Temple Forum discussions.

Topic 1

Follow Me - The Words of the Master Teacher Jesus

Where Did Wish His Disciples to Follow? Is the Path that is still available for modern Mankind?
What happened to the disciples that Followed Jesus of Nazareth?
Were there two distinct resurrections in the Gospel stories?
Who are the Children of Light?
Are the Disciples and Apostles Master Teachers today?
Where Is the Oracle of God and What is the River of Light?
These lectures will open your mind to the questions and the answers too!

An inspiring course of 13 lectures. Full of new insights into modern spiritual spirituality.

13 Lectures by Eugene Passofaro

085 The Christ Realm of Nature

- 12 Lecture Online Audio Course by Eugene Passofaro

In this 12 lecture series learn about....

When the disciples and friends of Jesus followed his teachings they came to a surprise of nature! They were participants in a World Creation.  These are some of the great secrets of the earth and nature.  'Come, look!' says the teacher.  And this series of lectures shows the path to find it. But you must find the will to Follow.

092 The Realm of the Aetheric Christ and Super Spiritual Materiality

12 Lecture Series

A Lecture Series by Eugene Passofaro

The World is in transition to a higher spiritual awareness, but how can one feel and access it?  This series of lectures inspires students of the higher knowledge to know what they are seeking, and to discover in themselves through the inner portals and path to find the Aetheric Christ Realm.  It is highly recommended to take this course along with 090 Aetheric and Astral Substances and Sense Creation

Christianity & the Spirit In Nature, 12 Lecture Series by Tazo

This series carries the student into the spirituality of nature and shows how through specific spiritual scientific understandings, one can come to see within one's own being the powers and forces of nature at work on the soul. This in itself creates consciousness and a specific forming occurs which is revealed to those who know this path and then create their soul from higher and hidden spiritual substances of nature.