Courses Given WINTER 2021

The WINTER ORACLES for their amazing beauty and message!

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Mankind needs to integrate with nature, but the path of physical nature and physical science exclude any considerations of nature beings and secrets of their hidden realm of nature. There are substances in the human being that when they are developed will be available for nature beings.  These oracle-lectures open our eyes to see the needs and necessities of hidden nature beings.  The time of a materialistic philosophy of nature as represented in Natural Science is now coming to an end. Now disease and destruction are pouring into nature.  Learn in this course of lectures about the prophecies of Jesus, and other important Prophets of the East that set up their Lights to light the path into our future! An amazing group of inspired Oracles-lectures await you! 

 Uluru and The Triangle of Fire December 21 2020

Saturn and Jupiter conjoin in the heavens in the sign of Aquarius and the Solar Cusp of the Signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.  For five nights lectures are being given during the configuration.

Topics: The Earth-Moon-Sun Ceremonies , The Rainbow Serpent, The Renewal of the Earth's Feminine and Masculine Fertility, The Moon Mysteries of Egypt, Hermes, Nut, and The Uluru Ceremony of December 21 2030

This will be a five lecture series beginning December 25th 2020. The theme will be: healing and the path of nature which men in modern times have forgotten.

The Story of Isis and the House of Glory

In this series we explore the Mysteries of the World.  Nut and Child Isis and the Mysteries of Scorpio. The Mystery of the Red Rock Uluru, sacred to the Australian Aborigines, The Aztecs and Blood Sacrifices, Gospel Prophecies and More.

This series is based on a story of Isis. Isis and her five Scorpions that protected her wandered the world hungry and starving, in the cold and had no shelter. She came to the House of Glory, and she was not allowed to enter. The woman of the House of Glory had a child, and when Isis was not admitted the scorpions went back to the house in the night and attacked and killed the child of the House of Glory.  The mother was grieved and sought remedies for her deceased child and prayed to Isis for help in bringing her child back to life. Isis heard her prayers, and the woman did not know that Isis was the one she had shut out of her house.  Isis arrived and to the woman's shock, the scorpions came in and raise the Child into life. The woman saw her mistake in not recognizing the lost, and hungered Isis and was also terrified of the scorpions in her company, but now she realized her mistake. 

115 The Oracles of Jesus

The Oracles of Jesus and Rosicrucian Christianity. These are deep and are filled with Esoteric Revelations of the Spiritual Teachings of Jesus. We use the Bible often in these Oracles as Inspiring References to the See along the Path of Light in the Modern Age.

This course will have sections. The first section will be in 5 Oracles. Students will be able to select additional Oracles as they become available.

Scorpio is the most esoteric Sign of the Zodiac, and in this series of 5 lecture oracles Eugene takes us to see into the spiritual meaning of Triangle of Fire (December 20 Conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter-Moon), the opening of the portal of the Uluru Rainbow Serpent, and the New Mysteries of Isis and the House of Glory.  These are magical lectures and have a surprise in them where the central theme becomes the spirituality of the Icon of Mexico in the Virgin of Guadalupe.

"For the best experience of these lectures please also plan on taking 0108 Uluru and the Triangle of Fire, and 0110 Isis and the House of Glory together. " Eugene

where did animals originate and why? You will be surprised at the answers and views presented by these Oracles!!! They are some of the finest expositions on Nature you will ever hear!  Explore the Oracles of Spiritual Wisdom in this new series!!!