The Manichean developments of are unique in that they are Buddhist and Christian Gnostic. Gnostic Christianity was completely erased from Western Christian Teachings, but what is most surprising is a statement by the seer Rudolf Steiner in 1909 regarding the founder of Manichaeism, Manes (Mani): Excerpt from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner (see also ss557) 08-31-1909
"There is a fourth individuality named in history behind whom for those who have the proper comprehension, much lies hidden — an individuality still higher and more "powerful than Skythianos, than Buddha or than Zarathustra. This individuality is Manes, and those who see more in Manichaeism than is usually the case know him to be a very high messenger of Christ."
Our study courses provide a basis and foundation from which to begin an understanding not only of the past developments of culture, but more importantly for what is already working in our present time. These studies give the student access to the substances and forces which time has placed at his disposal through past incarnations. These will become for the students the development of latent organs of spiritual perception of things that are in the karma of the student to know. Without proper knowledge, if these organs are brought into development incorrectly, or at the wrong time, then the soul organs will atrophy and bring the dissolution factors which a spiritual researcher can readily see as a concern of the present age.  

Study the Manichaens

The Manichaens were at one time the World's largest religion and covered the largest area of the earth. Over time their enemies fought against them and through persecution their culture was extinguished and their civilizations are buried under sand.

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Introducing Rosicrucian Buddhism

The Path of the Red Lotus

12 Lecture Course by Tazo

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The Path of the Rosicrucian Buddha is called the Path of the Red Lotus.  The Rosicrucian path of wisdom began in the ancient Hyperborean age long before the present configuration of man, earth, and nature.  The unfolding of the human being and realms of nature that have formed from this time also contained within it the incarnations of World Teachers, or Buddhas.  The paths of the students of the spirit is always through the stage of the Bodhisattva.  In our modern age students of the spirit can learn in this course what is the connection between Rosicrucian development spiritual development and Buddhism, how they have an historic tradition and mission to work together in the future. By learning about the histories that clearly show the times of their intimate collaborations we can better understand the configurations which have the will to descend out of the spirit into the souls of advanced students prepared to meet this.  The aim of these lectures is to prepare the students to receive the Wisdom Teachings of the Red Lotus.