Historical Spirituality and Culture

These courses are about spiritual philosophy and how it has developed through the ages. As with all my courses, these studies are for a deeper understanding of the development of the soul and spirit of man and his spiritual being nature.

Islam arose in the 6th century to become a leading world religious organization. The arising was meteorite and powerful.  But how did it happen?  Sorting out legends from facts provides a far different story than the usual narratives given as she confronted and came into fierce conflict with both Buddhism on the East and Christianity on her West.  These were two were great and powerful religions and so we ask how did Islam come to face them as enemies? What was their conflict which continues into the present?

We shall uncover here some of the facts buried and forgotten for centuries which will help us to understand the real foundations of these great religions.  Our purpose and goal are to re-examine the spiritual principles they once shared and to reveal the potentials for a greater humanity of the future.