These courses are Revelations about the Spiritual beings and Powers in nature that center around Love and Spirituality.   The initiations of ancient times, and their reflections in stories, lores and myths are explored in layers and details that reveal patterns and paths of invisible soul-forces in the atmosphere of Student of the Spirit

These lectures reveal the Esoteric Designs and Fabric of Soul-Spiritual realities that vibrate and ensoul the cells, blood, muscles, and senses with life-forces or turn the soul downwards into a thirst and hunger for the light, nourishment, and atmosphere it needs to survive and thrive.  These paths are within everyone to discover, and give the seekers new fresh courage and ideas that reflect in them the spiritual realities in our relationships of love and fertility.

These are great lectures for those in relationships, those seeking to understand their relationships, and those who also want to give knowledge and light to others seeking their own paths of truth.  The goal is understanding the powerful and invisible forces of nature that stir our hearts and minds into everything that can come forth from us out of the source of 'nature'.