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About the Pure Intelligence System of Tazo

About the Pure Intelligence System of Tazo

by Friend Tazo -
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Welcome Friend to Tazo's Spiritual Knowledge Center!

Tazo says: "Anyone can learn Spiritual Science as a Path of Soul Development.
It is the path of Knowledge and inner light. This combination of soul elements, when used with my spiritual science system will bring many gifts into your life. It will dispel darkness, fear, anxiety and a host of soul maladies, - that if they are if left untreated can undermine the health of the body.  
That which torments the soul needs your attention; the signs should not be overlooked.  If you have internal problems related to your soul, you can overcome them. I will personally work with you and guide you on this Path to a Pure and Clear Soul.  You will feel the power of pure spiritual intelligence work in you. My pure Intelligence system classes acts as a body of instructions that will work in you night and day - even while you sleep - it works in the background and to assists you to heal, and create and recreate yourself from the inside out. That is the secret of how it works - it is pure spiritual intelligence - once you receive it, it goes to work. There is nothing else like it in the world.
My spiritual studies will restore warmth of heart, inner vitality...and may even make you LOOK younger! What is your goal? Let's discus it in a one on one ZOOM which comes with your class enrollment.
I have spent my lifetime seeking answers to all of life's riddles and questions. The path I will teach you will answer your hearts deepest  questions of life.
All My Spiritual Science System Classes are delivered to you as audio recordings with research guide notes for further study of our 10,000 terms database. Each class lesson is an audio Study Book of
priceless treasures of wisdom. 
The database gives you access to an even larger world of wisdom! You could spend hours and hours on just one audio lesson, but each class contains a huge number of hours of theme recordings. Students revisit them over and over and find deeper and richer meaning with each new listen.
You are invited here to experience the most unique phenomenon of spiritual consciousness in the present time. 
I have put everything possible in so far as the knowledge of the soul can be presented; and in such a way that it is as clear as a mathematical.   It is now a marvelous body of  Class lessons, spoken as stories, assembled into classes with forums, and carefully compiled notes that give access to 10,000 pages of auxiliary research which deepens your knowledge experience; and they all harmonize together like a music composition.
You won't believe until your experience it. It took 25 years to create it.  Anyone that gives it a try will see how amazing the spiritual  knowledge is as I have presented it for you." Friend Tazo 


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