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The Quest of the Spirit

by Friend Tazo -

Let us assume the World before our Present Earth where there is only air, water, and fire.. For the time of the life of the old earth sphere, the work of the beings created a more perfect intelligence than our own today. It was an intelligence that made no consideration of physical substance - and so no shadow existed.   The remnants of this intelligence is the highest form of spirit we can experience, but nearly all of it has to be converted so as to include material substances.   In the beginning the world manifested the older world in cycles of recapitulation, and then something began which changed everything.

 The question: What is that which changed the world and how does it relate to the Intelligence of the Past, Present and Future.

Explain Spiritual intelligence that is 'Being' and intelligence that is 'Non-being'.

These are the Questions we explore in the Questions forum in Course 050 The Realm of the Aetheric Christ. 

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