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The New Esoteric Rosicrucian Lessons!

by Friend Tazo -
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Goethe, fascinated by the layers of human understanding, pictured this in his story of the Beautiful Lily. The Dream river is symbolic for the Soul which can only see a Part of the Flow of the River, and that which is on the 'other side' is also what occurs for us in Spiritual Transformation - we arrive on the Other Side, and then want to make our way back to the other side again. Consciousness is the Bridge between the states of the Soul Being, and so in our Rosicrucian Esoteric Lessons, I teach the techniques of Teachers such as Rudolf Steiner, or other Masters of the Soul Realms, the secrets of the spiritual bodies which are buried deep within our nature and have very specific needs each according to the particular person. It is a marvelous experience to watch students grow in confidence as they learn the techniques to master and navigate their inner consciousness.

I bet your wondering where are the lessons? Will they be available for students? 

In the next post I will announce more about the lessons.

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Read the Reviews !

by Friend Tazo -
Picture of Philosophers
Dear Seekers and Friends,
   When words express the opening of the Portal of the Eye to see and behold Higher Knowledge it is, and be no other than an Experience of Divine Love Radiating as Warmth - in a Sea of Cosmic Substance - all perfect and therefore Beautiful.  Then Knowledge itself has become  LIFE and we have both the power of Being Healed and to Heal others. We are all destined to find the Portal and Enter.  Once Jesus came to a man who was on a bed, and Jesus explained how he needed to walk and believe, and then he walked to the Well of Spiritual Water to be healed.  You can also be healed, but you also may need to take the Steps to be healed.  My classes have a unique power to awaken and heal the mind. Take a course here and test it for yourself, but don't take my word for it, read the reviews of my students here:  REVIEWS

Here is a new review from a student enrolled in the following 3 Meditation Lecture Series : 117 The Emergence of the Self in Time 027 The Mysteries of the Rose, 113 Spiritual Nature and The Divine Feminine. I think you will like to read it. (Below) . I put links in for the Courses.
Review by a Student

"Dear brothers and sisters, spiritual scientists, christian scientists, researchers of truth, seekers of the grail and fellow travellers,

Aren't you tired and weary from reading one book after another, taking one course after another, seeking and not finding, travelling but arriving nowhere, eating "books" but still hungry, drinking from "the well" but still thirsty. 

Rejoice, for the time is at hand, and it is now! 

These teachings and lectures will not teach you something new, but they will surely help you awaken what is slumbering in the depths of your soul. It was always there from the beginning. And as you listen, and listen again...few memories will arise. "What memories?" you may ask. Memories of the birth of your soul, from the primal Love and Wisdom. From when your mother Sophia was holding you in her loving arms, and you will remember her angelic voice, her beautiful face, her warmth and infinite love and compassion. And as you listen to her song and the rhythm of her heart beat, you start remembering the mother language, the language of languages. Then your ears and eyes will be opened, she is all around you. You know she is alive in you! People call her Mother Nature, but don't have the "ears" and "eyes" to perceive her, and they believe she is dead. Her lullabies fill you with peace and love. You have grown up now and can walk, take your first steps.

Now you can hear the call of your older brothers and sisters (the initiates of the past, present and future): 

Welcome home brother! Welcome home sister! Welcome home traveler ! "

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