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An Important Question?

by Friend Tazo -
When is Learning Exciting?

Have you bought courses and found them exciting only in the beginning, and your excitement dwindled away?  Learning should be exciting,  right? But often it doesn't prove itself to be exciting.  If that has been your experience, you're not alone then.  Did you know that the current statistic is 0nly 13% of Online Courses are completed! I also have been caught buying courses, lots of them, that I can't get motivated after a short time, that I can't finish!
The answer is very simple, and it may shock you. People can make great videos and tag lines to get you excited about a course. It makes sense, and they study program after program to get you excited, and that's where it starts. But what about the 'real stuff', you know, the stuff that changes your life, or the thoughts that heal your soul and really do what they can do - that is, if they 'hit the mark' so to speak?
Everyone is searching for something, it is the nature of the present time to spend some money on someone that helps us, and moves us inwardly. That is the 'energy' of spiritual knowledge.

"One thing that sets my courses apart from others is: they are exciting! Everyone finishes them and restarts them over and over and year after year!"

What have I experienced as a teacher at the Rosenkreutz School of Light?  I can tell you for a fact, everyone that get a course of mine, not only completes the course, but listens to it again and again.  It has been something that I have known since the beginning of the school.  This tells me: #1 this is the right kind of knowledge. It is the kind of knowledge that works in all layers of the psyche, not just the surface. This knowledge penetrates into the deep layers of the mind. 
 You can be sure that the courses presented here will engage your attention in every lecture experience and reveal to you many things you knew before, or didn't even know you wanted to know.  This path of knowledge is a great experience, and once it is experienced the soul wants more and more.
I hope to see you in my courses and experience the amazing excitement of my path knowledge which I present as a path of Mind-Mastery.

Friend Tazo

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Thrivecart Deal 4 Days Left to Save Lots!!!

by Friend Tazo -
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Get the most modern and up-to-date and powerful platform today and build your professional career! I want to help you too. You don't need a huge amount of unnecessary software when you have the right tools, it will come together.
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Happy Holiday Season from the School of Light!

by Friend Tazo -

Happy Holiday Season from the School of Light!

Dear Friends of the School of Light,

  I wish you all the very best this Thanks-Giving Time.  This is a great time for Sharing Your New Light of Wisdom with others! 

Today, as a celebration of the Winter Season (and the Summer for our Southern Hemisphere Students) I have reduce the cost for all our main Courses to $135.  All the courses reflect the update, so you just have to CLICK on the ENROLL tab to order it!  Happy scrolling and looking this is a great discount (normally $900) so please show your support and take advantage of this incredible offer. 

This sale will last until December 31st.  You are welcome to share this email with friends. Spiritual Development is also a path of acquiring Knowledge that heals the soul and promotes health from the inside out. 

Invite friends to study with you and visit our site: the sale popup for the study-membership program will pop up automatically and they can get a study membership or they may also write me direct: 

Please note the Study-Membership that comes up on our site; Please open it, and look at the details, and you will find something of a Christmas Gift for you. Please note the Affiliate Program comes with life-time rewards!  Write me direct if you have questions. 

What does this mean ? you will receive life-time rewards for your referrals.  Now why did I configure it like that? It is because I want your School of Light to shine for you far into the future too! Isn't that great! Now you can get to work and spread the word.  With that in mind, doesn't it make sense to help others right now to Come to our School of Light?

If you have questions or comments, let's talk.

If you haven't checked out the Study-Membership  come  and see it right now by just visiting our site and the popup will come up.



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