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Tazo felt the call of the Spirit in 2004, What did he hear? He heard the Voice of the Spirit in Nature telling him to bring forth a Clear Knowledge of the Spiritual Bodies.  There were so many people expressing ideas about the Astral or Aether bodies, but no one could tell the difference between them! This was disturbing to Tazo. This had dire consequences and a bad karma came into the World because of it. The spirit guide for seekers of the portals to Spiritual Nature came to Tazo and spoke to his soul.

She said:  You are clear in your seeing the errors of men, please listen, and understand,  please; Teach Men about their Aether Body and Aetheric Organs to see Spiritual Light,  teach them about their Astral Body so they can cleanse their Desires renew their Spiritual Organs, teach them about their Ego and what Power it has to Harmonize Everything, to Lead, and to Show the Way, and lastly Teach them about the Spirit in Nature and where they Can Find Me so I can Come to them and heal them, and comfort them and show them more than their old life offered them. But you must show them because the spiritual bodies are not clear, make them understandable for men so they can know their spiritual bodies.

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