The Rosicrucian Studies of Eugene Passofaro

These care advanced studies and the students should have completed at least three of any of the course series from Psychology to Spirituality, (067, 068, 069,  or the Path of Discipleship (073, 074,075) or other related courses.

076 - The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, Masters of the Substances.

12 Lectures by Eugene Passofaro

Join in this course for advanced students. Deepen your knowledge of the Rosicrucian Teachings on Alchemy and how it relates to the cosmic forming of the world and how it builds or destroys the soul and physical nature for the higher purposes of our unfolding.

The Foundation of Rosicrucian Buddhism
The Path of the Red Lotus

Revealing the esoteric foundation of the Path of the Red Lotus will be the theme of this class. By learning about the histories that clearly show the times of their intimate collaborations we can better understand the configurations which have the will to descend out of the spirit into the souls of advanced students prepared to meet this.  The aim of these lectures is to prepare the students to receive the Wisdom Teachings of the Red Lotus.

This series continues with the Chemical Wedding From Day 4 to Day 7 and the conclusion of the studies.