This forum is for our Active Philosopher Students.  The soul is made real only by walking the Spiritual Path, not the Earthly. The Earthly is an illusion. All illusions end, only the spirit endures.

The content is about the Journey of the Soul from the darkness to the light. It is a Philosophers Journey, so Welcome Philosopher to the Forum of the Light on the Path.  

You may find the Light in your Darkness, and Come to the Light and Seek the Source of the Light , but before that experience, Everyone comes to their Own Dark Night of the Soul. 

Have you had that experience? What happened after that?

The darkness has a meaning which you need to discover. Here is where others just like you have posted about their journey through their Dark Night of the Soul. Come and learn, weep and cry, let tears of joy stream down your face. The moment of your new world nature and your rebirth are before you, but you must do something, or it all fades back into nothingness. Here in this forum you can meet others who are just like you or have been there.  Post your experience and then you can access the other stories.


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About Spiritual Philosophers - We are different!

As Spiritual Philosophers, we have Questions, and are seekers of answers - spiritual answers, not just physical world answers, spiritual world answers. Be honest now, what kind of Philosopher do you Want to Be? and without the emotional (i.e. Religious stuff),  the real spiritual. 

We enjoy articles, stories, poetry and song to describe our journey. We appreciate and help others along the way. We are are friends in love with the life we can share as brothers and sisters on the path to the same goal of our inner transformation. We do not exclude anyone except those who do not try. If you can do the meditations, and the exercises, believe in yourself, you will eventually find the healing and the transformation you are seeking.

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