Making a new foundation for psychology that is based upon an artistic forming of the soul into higher values, goals, and purposes of the higher development of its nature.  the Self which is able to be born in the human soul nature must first be created. 

As the creation, power, and destiny requires a thorough understanding of the nature which surrounds and impregnates the soul - it then is the will of nature  to create our  Higher Spirituality. 

These studies bring the contemplation of these powers of the spirits of nature before the contemplative eye of the student.  In contemplating these powers of the spirit the student is given the capacity to envision inwardly what has been hitherto hidden or unrevealed.  As comprehension forms in the student, then the proper flowing into the soul from the womb of nature begins again to fill up the soul with a spiritually vital power of life into the soul.

This series was inspired by the trip to Lima, Peru, by Tazo on January 1st -19th, 2016

12 Inspired Lectures, by Tazo with notes, and forum.

This series carries the student into the spirituality of nature and shows how through specific spiritual scientific understandings, one can come to see within one's own being the powers and forces of nature at work on the soul. This in itself creates consciousness and a specific forming occurs which is revealed to those who know this path and then create their soul from higher and hidden spiritual substances of nature.

Spirituality, Consciousness, and Perspectives

12 Lecture course by Tazo

In this series of 12 lectures, we explore the powers of the spirituality of nature, and how it relates to the human the human soul to form and shape his consciousness. We explore perspectives of consciousness and spirituality to get further glimpses of the creative forming of the human being out of the cosmos and nature and trace in these the aspects of being, will, and destiny in the earth and onwards into the higher spiritual realms of nature. On this path of the spirit, one sees and feels and knows as the higher spiritual in nature creates higher powers of the soul through the substances of the earth upwards to the spirituality of the cosmic worlds and heavenly worlds. An amazing tapestry of spirituality, consciousness, and perspectives forms in the listener to give the impulse and incentive to know ever deeply the mysteries of the earth, nature, and the cosmic worlds.

The class includes 12 lectures by Tazo, online class access, text notes, question forums. Options include choice of CDs set, Downloads, or both.

Extra studies may include lectures from our audio library not included in this course and may be purchased separately.

Explore The New Foundation for the Ego through these studies. Learn about The New Christian Initiation; The Secret Christian Initiation: the Spiritual Ego of Man - 12 Lecture Series by Tazo

This is the story of the Ego of Man. How has it come into being, what is it?
This is an amazing series of 12 lectures about the true Christian Initiation. A New Foundation for a proper understanding of the Ego may not be understood today, but until men realize the grave consequences of misunderstanding and miscomprehension, they will continue in error and see the consequence. This course of 12 lectures open up with a fresh new understanding.  You will enjoy its content, and feel its'  deeply informative, and wonderfully meditative message.