The Christian Initiations and the Holy Grail

These are studies that reveal the Questions every Seeker of the Quest is asking:
The #1 Question of all time, and for every persons no matter what faith or religion, it is:

What happened to the Christian Initiates?
Here are the Answers worth a Life-time of Searching! You have the Greatest Studies right here and Exclusive Studies of Our School and Not available Anywhere else.

And for that matter, also all of the Oracles across the Earth planet? 
But if you are willing to lift the Veil of Nature? and this takes courage, for many are looking there and they see nothing at all! What about you?  Whether you go the farthest star, the deepest depths, or the highest realm, all men come back with the same look - they see NOTHING! Why? How can this be?  Think and ponder O Student, men thought otherwise once, and wiser than our moderns, they thought with every new instrument that they would gaze into the TRUTH their culture was telling them, but they found Microbes and Invisible Gas (Nebulas), and the later pose for the artist painters to make them look real.  Where is anything? Stephen Hawking said: Where is it all?  He noted something of immense significance, the accumulation of compression and gravity would have to be collected and will actually implode! And so the door to the 'underworld' has a huge well fitted pressure CAP!
Is that the Holy Grail of the Buddhists? Yes!  they were the first to notice the object as it was, Christian Saints thought it was just what they were looking for too -How About You!

Get on the Holy Quest in these Amazing Studies by Many Spiritual Researchers! You will never look back, nor see anything the same after making your Holy Quest your goal. Only your SOUL can move across the Vast Expanses with EASE and COMFORT too. Don't believe you can? Close Your Eyes and Take My Hand...we'll go and then you'll see and prove you can!
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