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The Flute Player in the Market

The Flute Player in the Market

by Friend Tazo -
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I am sharing this with you, today I will be playing this song in the Market with my students. 

The beings of Nature love the Flute,  Can you see why? Do you love the Woman's song here? She is of  Divine Worlds - have no doubt about it.

Please listen to Good music, it is more important than anything you do if you're on the path of Wisdom. 

Bad vibrations are everywhere and make you passionate in the wrong way - they sting your soul and fill it with angry 'bug-like' beings much like bees, only these are visible to the musician-seer as wasps of the spirit nature. Learn oh student from the Muse of Nature about Spiritual Nature, come and be wise here. 

Open the Channel of your Heart to Feel the Power of Music to Soothe your soul with healing magic. 

I am a Flutist, Every morning from my youth has been to transform my Breath into Music. It is the Secret of my Wisdom Soul, my soul is the Field where nature beings blow as the wind of the Earth and the breath of the Teacher giving Wisdom to freshen the Air into Music. 

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