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From Blindness to Sight

From Blindness to Sight

by Friend Tazo -
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 Everyone knows what happens when the Light comes in the morning - it is a New Life.  In my  2024 Easter Oracles the Healing of the Blind man by Jesus is the subject.  It is the Light that makes the New Horizon - the crack of light signals the new day coming. Are you excited for it, or has something made you paralyzed inside?   
Below is a true life story of a doctor who went in search for  answers to heal damaged eye tissue after surgery - he used inner spiritual vision to find what he was looking for, and avoided normal scientific procedures, finding them lacking in human morality . His inner spirit told him that and if he trusted and followed it along a different path to find his goal at last. 

In the article below, Dr Wang goes in search of for cells to renew eyes, and found them in our human placenta - the membrane which we are born in.  This membrane is a sheath, and so opens a DOORWAY for cosmic powers to influence and come into our life-organs. These sheaths (called membranes in the nomenclature of modern medical science) in spiritual science are pathways or doors, or portals. These 'doors' are the gateways of fertile and restorative forces.

Find in our studies here at the Rosenkreutz School of Light, the light plus the warmth of spiritual science. Spiritual science is a path pf knowledge which  nurtures our spiritual organs, and our spiritual eyes to awaken and follow the light where it must lead to wisdom and true knowledge and  the source of all life

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Dr.Wang's Discovery Placenta Cells can repair Eyes

Blind since she could remember, 15-year-old Maria Morari had traveled over 5,000 miles from Moldova in Eastern Europe to Nashville, Tennessee, in hopes of having her vision restored by world-renowned laser eye surgeon Dr. Ming Wang.

Reviewing the surgical plan one last time, Dr. Wang reflected for a moment on the slim chance of success. After waiting a year to get Maria’s medical visa approved, plus the weight of everyone’s hopes and expectations, it was almost more than he could bear. Dr. Wang recalled feeling disheartened by his thoughts that the surgery would likely be futile.

Maria’s left eye, which had a detached retina, was beyond repair, Dr. Wang told The Epoch Times. “Maria’s right eye, however, still had 1 percent of her eyesight; she could still see light, and it was her only hope.”


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