Rediscover and explore the questions of life. Religion means to 'join' and denotes the making of a connection to the spiritual realms. In these studies we take the students of spirituality to experience the earthly spiritual nature as well as the soul-physical realm. These means to develop higher senses and to become more sensitive as a being of nature.  

Nature and spirituality have sprung from the same source. Recent Intellectual Religions can only further separate mankind from his source in nature. Why? The intellect cannot reflect all that is in nature. The intellect cannot comprehend the deeper emotions and feelings that are stirred by some external stimulus such as art or love. But the soul can develop these to become ever higher senses too. The sense for a spiritual immortality and eternal life are in this line of development. A further example is how sight and hearing work together. We see this in the coordination between hands and sounds as in the development of the musical talents.   They compliment each other as they are unfolded into the skill of the art of musicianship.
 So to the spiritual senses compliment the soul-physical senses when they are sufficiently developed. He has to re-connect his nature with the nature around him.  These are the big question of life on earth. No spiritual realms or worlds exist outside of the nature we see and live. We just cannot see all of it.

Join in any of these lecture courses to learn and follow into the Realms of nature into the realms of the spirit.

 These lecture courses contain answers to the deeper questions about life, death, illness, from the deepest perspectives of the soul and the spirit.
 Here you can find new vistas, viewpoints, opinions, as you explore the depths and the heights looking for answers to the many questions we all have and perhaps have not noticed them. But one day we notice them! 
Then we begin to see the suffering, the hardships,  as well as life's joyful moments and our so-called triumphs. But behind everything, is a purpose. But what is it?

082 The Psychology of Immortality - 12 Lecture Online Digital Course by Eugene Passofaro

In this course, our students apply the knowledge of spiritual alchemy to understand the creation of the soul-nature in the earthly destiny and then to understand how the spiritual counter-part works down from the higher realms to form of spiritual-soul-nature. With these tools of the spirit the goals of earthly striving and life take on a great new horizon and a new Dawn appears for the further development of the soul-nature. 


083 The Light of Eternity - 12 Lecture Online Digital Course by Eugene Passofaro

The soul must eventually face the Reality of Eternity and Immortality! Discover some of the greatest secrets of time and space, love and fate, and the path to Eternity! All depends on this understanding to penetrate our life on Earth.


088 The Technology of the Soul 

13 Lecture Pod Series by Eugene Passofaro

In this course learn about the illusive working of the spiritual Ego to organize the soul and the nature within it.   All new material and system of thought is presented here. 

A NEW form of the Ego is presented here which is not presented anywhere else. The Technique and application of it is amazing for anyone that will take the time to deeply study this course of 13 lectures.

089 The Upanishads Series 1, 12 Lecture Course Series

​Explore ancient the most Ancient Spiritual Text of India for secrets of time, science, religion, and higher spirituality. This is the first of these amazing studies that has thrilled philosophers, scientists, and everyday people in all literary ages until the present. A great study for people of any religious belief, also especially for Rosicrucian Christian Gnostic sources. These studies are a perfect continuation of the Christian-Gnostic studies that cam before them. Take them in along with 087 The Technology of Soul or with the online studies MN02​ .     

090 Aetheric and Astral Substances and Sense Creation, 12 Lecture Series

A Lecture Series by Eugene Passofaro

This series of lectures contains important occult information about spirituality and human senses.

New Cosmic substances have poured into the environment of the earth. What mankind does with these substances is essential to the unfolding of the next earthly natures of the present and the future earth planet.  Stary and Planetary configurations and the finer inner organs of the human being are forming enhanced inner powers of seeing and hearing.  The pouring out of these powers to sense higher spiritual beings and their activities on the higher faculties of the human being is essential to transition and transform external and internal spiritual activities and further developments of the substances of man and nature. This is a very advanced knowledge of the spiritual nature of man and the cosmic world and its beings. Students can expect a higher condition and transformation of soul and consciousness awareness through the study of these lectures.  

In these 12 lectures learn about the Aetheric-Astrality through the Ages. 

The 12 Lectures on this Course

  • 0902 122618 Sense Creation At the Portals of the Aetheric Christ Realm 44m File

  • 0903 010219 Sense Development In the Breath Realm and the Three Being Natures of Man 62m

  • 0904 030719 Aetheric Organs of Perception and Astral Forces 45m

  • 0905 030819 Higher Spiritual Senses and Modern Developments 44m

  • 0906 031019 The Treasure in the Physical Nature 60m File Modified

  • 0907 031119 The Conversion of the Astral-nature and Human Sorrow 48m

  • 0908 031219 Stages of Nature and the Development of Astral and Aetheric Senses 52m F

  • 0909 031419 Astral Forces and the Elements and Paths of Transformation in Nature 55m

  • 09010 033119 The Path to the Higher Nature and the Hidden Forces of the Astral Body 49m

The Soul has within it a secret nature. It is the deepest sense, and is the knowledge which reveals all knowing.  It is the sense which all senses are formed.  

This lecture series opens with a lecture on Solitude and entering and crossing the darkness of the soul nature.  From there one sees the power of meditation to uncover the secrets of the inner nature and answers the question of why it is hidden.  

In this series you will find many exciting meditations on the virtues of Time, Heart, Being, Love, Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge, Words, and Life.  

One of the most beautifully crafted series on the inner being nature and how to form it and revitalize it from within and using the substances, experiences, and most importantly the unknown it has within it.  By understanding the inner nature, everything hidden in external nature also becomes known.