Rediscover and explore the questions of life. Religion means to 'join' and denotes the making of a connection to the spiritual realms. In these studies we take the students of spirituality to experience the earthly spiritual nature as well as the soul-physical realm. These means to develop higher senses and to become more sensitive as a being of nature.  

Nature and spirituality have sprung from the same source. Recent Intellectual Religions can only further separate mankind from his source in nature. Why? The intellect cannot reflect all that is in nature. The intellect cannot comprehend the deeper emotions and feelings that are stirred by some external stimulus such as art or love. But the soul can develop these to become ever higher senses too. The sense for a spiritual immortality and eternal life are in this line of development. A further example is how sight and hearing work together. We see this in the coordination between hands and sounds as in the development of the musical talents.   They compliment each other as they are unfolded into the skill of the art of musicianship.
 So to the spiritual senses compliment the soul-physical senses when they are sufficiently developed. He has to re-connect his nature with the nature around him.  These are the big question of life on earth. No spiritual realms or worlds exist outside of the nature we see and live. We just cannot see all of it.

Join in any of these lecture courses to learn and follow into the Realms of nature into the realms of the spirit.

 These lecture courses contain answers to the deeper questions about life, death, illness, from the deepest perspectives of the soul and the spirit.
 Here you can find new vistas, viewpoints, opinions, as you explore the depths and the heights looking for answers to the many questions we all have and perhaps have not noticed them. But one day we notice them! 
Then we begin to see the suffering, the hardships,  as well as life's joyful moments and our so-called triumphs. But behind everything, is a purpose. But what is it?