They are offered as studies of Anthroposophic Themes Series

These lectures were recorded by Rick Mansell

Frankls LogoTherapy anbd Anthroposophy

Four Lectures plus forum discussions.

Anthroposophy & Frankl Logotherapy Studies, by Rick Mansell - 4 CD Set

Take in these 4 most amazing study lectures to learn about this most interesting combination of thoughts on psychology and spirituality. Rick Mansell studied both anthroposophy and psychology, These four lectuures are stimulating, and thoughtful, deep, and enlivenling.  Students enrolled in this course can access these lectures anytime they need a little refresher and guidance in their lives. It is usefull for therapy, and to also present life in a workable and enriched and artistic pattern out of the complexities of everyday existence.  It is good for parents, and teenagers too.

"Rick Mansell was a scholar of Anthroposophy and Loved the work of Victor Frankl.  Victor is a four time survivor of the ill fated Jewish concentration camps.  Victor found the ingredients that made a man want to survive.   In these studies, there is an amazing realization of the value of pain, suffering, illness, and even death - Rick explores the soul, of the work of Logotherapy to arrive at the 'crossroads of the spiritual worlds' as taught by Rudolf Steiner.  This amazing journey of human suffering, towards survival, and Love, triumphs in the end.  It is for those who have the Heart and courage to find spiritual freedom. Anyone, young and old, will find these studies a treasure of untold value in wisdom and words" Dr. Tazo

The four amazing lectures worth a Life-time of Studies
1 The Meaning of Existence: Child, Adolescence, & Maturity
2 From Frankl's Logo Therapy to Dr. Steiner's Anthroposophy: Adding 'Height' Psychology to Depth Psychology 
3 The Wholeness of Each Man: Values, Meaning, & Suffering 
4 The Practice of Logotherapy: Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior and Depression