Studies of the cosmology and spirituality of the ancients Greeks. Studies of the unique spiritual view of the cosmos that flowed into the soul-life of the ancient peoples East and West. Only the Greek spirituality was able to invisibly permeate every ancient culture from the Hindoos to the Chinese, to the shores of Iceland, from the Northernmost reaches to the great mountains and rivers of Africa. Greek spirituality is essentially the invisible thread connecting all knowledge into one.

Greek Gods and Goddesses II will explore the spirits of nature and also the philosophy of Greek Soul in relation to the New Spirituality of the Earth Nature.  The Greeks were most sensitive to the changes in the world of nature and adapted their myths and stories very quickly to reflect the changes in nature for the souls of men in their philosophy were also a creation of nature and nature beings. The Greeks saw and recorded the immense power the Spirits of the Elements had over the souls of men.  In this course of lectures we will explore the to the deepest and oldest gods and goddesses of nature to discover their secrets and how they are intimately bound up with all that is around us in nature including our own nature. 

Explore the mysteries of the Greek Gods and Goddess.  Through the eyes of the poets and seers of ancient Greece the Greek Gods and Goddess are re-examined to find the secrets of Cosmic Creation past, present, and future. The transitions of the Gods to the Christian Era is also featured in this most amazing course of lectures!  Never before have the spiritual natures of the gods become so visible!  

A course of unforgettable lectures by Eugene Passofaro  

In the Garden of the Hesperides

12 Lecture Series by Tazo

The Hesperides refers to both the nymphs of the evening and a special garden that produced magical fruits. The Hesperides garden was hidden long ages ago from the eyes of mortal men. But the legends of it abound. Poets sing of its amazing enchanting power and beauty. And one legend relates this, that by the eating of the fruits of the Golden Tree and its Golden Apples, one is changed from a mortal man into an immortal!

What would you do if you could go there and eat from the Trees of the Sun and become immortal?

Follow Tazo in this course of lectures for a walk in the Garden of the Hesperides!!!

See the Lectures by Tazo

The Mysteries of Dionysus and the Goddess of Mt Parnassus,
12 Lecture Series by Tazo

As clear thoughts formed in men, the spirit may also have had the power to diminish itself and by this power, men have forgotten their influences and their belief in their true existence. Thinking Men are convinced they were never there at all. They think they were made by of the dreaming minds of the poets and bards that had power over the imaginations of ancient men. But is that the truth or just an illusion based on the possibility, and nothing more. Surely some men saw the truth and lived on to reveal the truth. 

Apollo and the Muses, 12 Lecture Series by Tazo

What happened to the ancient gods? In this course, we explore the secret of the lineage of demi-gods in the physical lines of humanity. Long ago the secrets of the gods that walked among men were revealed in the mysteries and then became a obscured over time, so as to protect the coming births of the 'sons and daughters of the gods'. This course of lectures, drawn entirely from spiritual sources will reveal the paths of the gods as they left their offspring to be born and wander in the realms of the earth until the Dawn of the New Age and the old gods would fall as predicted by the Oracles and prophets of antiquity.