Soul and Spirit Alchemy!

Spiritual Illumination of the Soul Nature is a path of Light and Alchemy. The soul needs and craves light and fire. If the soul is to progress it must learn where in the darkness are found the ways to create warmth and light out of nothing.   

This brings nature and the being of man into balance to uncover the truth about itself, its nature, the path to the higher realm and finding the true meaning, and purpose of life. Recognition is not enough, for the soul must convert itself into the higher form. This  Inner transformation also needs a deeper knowledge of reality and  existence. The goal of these studies is to reveal the tasks hidden in the depths of the nature and to strengthen and fortify the soul to take the journey and make the transformation. 

These lectures define the path through the realms of the higher nature in conjunction with the development of the soul's inner substances. The studies take one to the borders and reveal the limitations of knowledge and being and how these can be transformed into powers of spiritual growth.  Then it comes to true knowledge as it discovers the capacity to bring to birth the unborn soul within itself.