THE Soul and Spiritual  Alchemy 

Spiritual Illumination of the Soul Nature is a path of Light and Alchemy. The soul needs and craves light and fire. If the soul is to progress it must learn where in the darkness are found the ways to create warmth and light out of nothing.   

This brings nature and the being of man into balance to uncover the truth about itself, its nature, the path to the higher realm and finding the true meaning, and purpose of life. Recognition is not enough, for the soul must convert itself into the higher form. This  Inner transformation also needs a deeper knowledge of reality and  existence. The goal of these studies is to reveal the tasks hidden in the depths of the nature and to strengthen and fortify the soul to take the journey and make the transformation. 

These lectures define the path through the realms of the higher nature in conjunction with the development of the soul's inner substances. The studies take one to the borders and reveal the limitations of knowledge and being and how these can be transformed into powers of spiritual growth.  Then it comes to true knowledge as it discovers the capacity to bring to birth the unborn soul within itself. 

This follows on after the studies of the Chemical Wedding. It would be an excellent stand alone study full of exciting insights and deep meditations of the cosmic spirit of the world and how it fills, inspires, and heals the soul. An amazing course of 12 beautiful lectures.  Great as compliment to series 076 and 077.

Alchemy of Man Earth & Stars

12 Lectures by Eugene Passofaro

Alchemy, Man, Earth and Stars follows after Enlightenment and Illumination series 078. In this series the students of the spirit follow into the realms of the spirit along the path inspired by the light and the will of the spirit. The content is rich and bold, healing and refreshing and prepares the soul to comprehend the higher and lower realms of the spiritual nature realms and how to work with the elemental worlds and the beings in them.

080 Spiritual Illumination and Dark Astrality - 12 Lecture Online Digital Course by Eugene Passofaro

In this course our students apply the knowledge of spiritual alchemy to understand the creation of the soul-nature in the earthly destiny. To follow the path of the soul into and through the earth to the higher spiritual forming inside the human life, and the forces that must be confronted as Dark Astrality as unfulfilled desires, wishes, dreams, and passions. What to do with these as they confront the soul of the students of the spirit? Learn about the hidden spiritual alchemy, and the powers to handle Dark Astrality. Without these tools of the spirit the goals of earthly striving and life are difficult to achieve.