My Summer Tour of Mexico 2022

My Summer Tour of Mexico 2022

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Dear Friend, 

 I've been traveling in Mexico this summer. This has been a very fruitful time for me.  It has been a long time since I have ventured forth and visited a foreign land and culture.  I have recorded this journey in many written pages which I will make available to all of you!  I am very surprised at how the people here received my music and my philosophy. 
 It started when I decided to move out of the American quarter of San Miguel and went instead to a youth hostel.  I wanted to remember my travels in Europe where I met many musician and friends. The same happened to me in San Miguel. I was very afraid that  if I came to Mexico, I would not be happy here. Maybe my philosophy would not be easy for the people? This is what my close travel companion thought too.  But that only made me to take a step deeper into the culture and the heart of the Mexican people.  And the result?  I discovered that the Mexican people love, really love thinkers, poets, artists and musicians. It was not what anyone originally thought! It was the opposite. They really liked it, and embraced the uplifting and health giving spirit of my music and philosophical thought. My music is romantic, emotional, and full of life and very much in line with the heart of our Southern Friends.
 The day I moved from San Antonio in San Miguel, I met an American Author woman, and she explained to me how important it would be for me to put my work in Spanish because the Mexican people are great readers and love books.  I was thrilled about the idea of translating my books. So that is the top of my list now! And over the next three weeks I became the talk of the part of town where I moved. 
 My reputation spread as my flute sounds in my morning practice filled the court yard of the Hostel. Then other musicians came to stay and we recorded together a street musicians' video. I was soon after invited to another youth hostel to play music too! There, I did music over looking the city for many guests in the early evening sunsets. A few times Mexican/Spanish Musicians came to the Hostel looking to play music with me! 
 We had a number of concerts in the court yard and on the streets.  The Hostel manager told me to call the hostel 'my home'.  That was very kind of the Hostel manager.  We also talked about my books, and then more magic began!  Soon, people came to ask questions and listen and discuss philosophy and the deeper questions of life.  At times, there were as many as seven people all sitting around while we talked about the questions of life. 
 My new Mexican friends got so excited to learn science, and philosophy using my philosophical form and system! It was wonderful to experience the warmth in their eyes and thoughtful hearts full of love.  
 During the time I was invited to play guitar and flute at the Culture Center of San Miguel where 100s of people came and heard my music in the Court Yard!  It was amazing. 
 I have written enough here to fill a couple of books too!  Look for my next posts for where you can order the chapters of my book as I make them available.  If you want a direct email of the  work, please feel free to private message me here.


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