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If You're New - Welcome!!!

If You're New - Welcome!!!

by Friend Tazo -
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If this is your 1st time here at, please feel welcome and make yourself an account.  We have a large offering here of courses, but our main theme for all of the studies is concerned with presenting a modern path of Spiritual Development of the soul.  The remarkable thing about the soul is it has its own nature. It carries its nature and without understanding this, one will never find the soul, but only vague reflections of it. Modern man is therefore confronted by the mirror of himself everywhere, but no-where in the reflection is his own self.  The studies found here are so designed to help and assist the birth and creation of inner senses and soul material substances which are unique to itself, and reverse the dissolving tendencies of the forces which arise in the inner organism to abort its physical life processes.  

If this appeals to you, then by all means enroll i a course, or make a user account and login and someone will contact you, or contact me. 

To achieve our goals our studies include humor and stories, but also science, philosophy, history, and culture.  Our main objective is to examine these with 'new eyes and ears', so as to see into the history of human development, and to the depths of human striving for the light of Higher Realms And we wish to follow on to find new fountains of spiritual knowledge that have never yet been seen, and to speak of them, and guide our students there too, as best we can. It is through practicing daily exercises of meditation and concentration that this is made possible for our students to follow the inspired content of the lectures and see and experience for themselves what is there to be found and know it as their own experience.

In this way, our students are able to penetrate into realms of thought that normally developing human beings are not able to reach because their soul forces will not allow them.  Our studies prove that all of the great discoveries of the past have also the same root of knowledge and seeking as that which is presented here.   In this light, we feel we carry on in the traditions of all seekers of knowledge and of those in any age including our own. 

It is our hope that you will also take part in our studies, at least to try one course for yourself and see if it makes an improvement in your inner strength of thought and inner perception.  


Eugene Passofaro

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