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New Author Ebook Course, Everything You Need!

New Author Ebook Course, Everything You Need!

by Friend Tazo -
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 Your Spiritual Science E-book in 30 Days! Course starts March 30th 2023

With MY FREE CLASS At the End of the 30 days you will have your BOOK

Do you love the Spiritual Science you are Learning?
If YES, then we need new Authors and teachers of my Spiritual Science

Sign Up now, and I will let you know when we will begin!

Learn Topics that attract buyers to your Book and other marketing tips from the best internet professionals.

Ensure you have financial rewards and recognition for your studies here at the School!  This is a Savings Account for your future. 

I began my book 45 years ago!  I want to give you the best publishing tips to accelerate your learning and your carer goals. These are waiting for you to learn and implement.  You can be publishing within a week and getting reviews and market testing and then in the next weeks to prepare for the next -and the next -and watch your following grow and grow.

Have a Read of My Book the Secret Teachings of Eden
Click the Book to get your copy and read and see.

There is a need for Authors like you, to get my training in Spiritual Science.  Our minds are made of invisible substances and so, we need to train in how to use the mind. 

Think of all the subjects you could write on using my spiritual science to give you thoughts that will give sparkle, life, and your spirit in your book!  My spiritual science is so new, only my students have it right now!

Now is the ground floor and enroll today so we can get you started!

Space is limited so ENROLL TODAY!



Once enrolled you have a YEAR to complete the course, so you can go at your own pace. Plus, the marketing you will learn is good for course creation, music marketing, or any other product or service you wish to promote in your life. 

-Friend Tazo-

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