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by Tamara L. Wilson - Friday, 5 May 2023, 12:17 PM
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Fellow students of the Spirit, I highly recommend the class series on 'The Spirit of Nature'.  My connection with 'Mother' was restored thru listening to these classes.  Here's a little bit more about Her.  Got a minute?...

When I think about the Spirit of Nature, I think about 'Mother'...for the 'Spirit of Nature' is feminine to me. She feels especially close at times when I see a mist covering the land with such mystery. I always feel Her then. Or the warmth, awe, and deep appreciation one feels when beholding a beautiful landscape...

I remember such a time, when first I saw Colorado...I had driven 'round a bin when an unbelievably gorgeous sight was suddenly unveiled before me. Picture this: luscious rolling green valley filled with wildflowers of golden yellows and fiery reds, majestic dark mountains with luminous snow atop that looked neon white with a lavender glow about them..and a small deep blue lake way down in the valley...a clear blue sky. The beauty was so breath taking I had to pull over and pray right then and there!

There's a 'presence' one feels and can deeply connect with. Just being quiet and listening, looking within at the same time you are looking around...She is there...One can walk just for the purpose of listening for Her, as I often now do. One can enjoy their tea or coffee outside quietly taking in the morning and opening to Her, welcoming Her. Giving thanks for those little birds that frequent your home...the sounds they make. It makes me smile. You?

Now, I had grown apart from Mother for many years...and it wasn't until I took the course about the Spirit of Nature that I at once responded to Friend's words in the lecture. It was something like 'you have to go out and meet nature where it is'. I immediately closed my computer and set out for a walk...and She was there, straight away!  After all those years of quiet between us...I am so grateful!  I intend to take my walks with 'Mother' from now on...


Friend Tazo
by Friend Tazo - Monday, 27 March 2023, 4:56 PM
Anyone in the world

Here is an overview of the Course List

Are you Interested in becoming a Regular Student? Please write me direct (or click here and subscribe to this list).  
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What you get: 

  • Audible Content
  • Live Zoom Ins
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  • Free Enrollments in Our Original Libraries of Spiritual Terms Glossary and 10,000 Documents
  • Metaphysical Library Access
  • Presentations of Uplifting Movies and Music for Deepening your soul experiences from great art.
  •  Questions and Answer Sessions with Tazo!

Use the Series number if the Class Directory and Search (login for the search feature to work best) if you want to order it now. Please make a free account if you don't have one. Here is the Directory of the Class Notes.

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->The numbers to the left : the first three numbers are sequence 001 is #1.
->The numbers in parenthesis tells you haw many Class Lectures

001 Aether and the Golden Light (12+)

002 Mysteries of the Astral body (12+)

003 The Spiritual Ego ( A New Foundation for Understanding the Ego) (12+)

004 Meeting the Spirit in Nature (12+)

005 Mysteries of the Human Spirit (Realm of the Human Spirit) (9 Episodes 40-80 minutes of Listening each)

006 The New Karma of the 21st Century (18 Lecture Episodes 40-80 minutes of Listening each)

007 Spiritual History of Man and Nature (13 Lecture Episodes )

008 Cosmic Alchemy - Alchemy and the Cosmic Spirit (12+)

009 The Alchemy of Man - The Alchemy of Cosmic Man (12+)

010 Spiritual Relationships of Man and Nature (12+)

011 Legends of the Freemasons and the Secret Buddha of Palestine (12+)

012 The Search of the Count of St Germain (12+)

013 Love and Redemption ((12+)

014 Art, Artists and Spirituality - Spiritual Secrets of Artists and their Creations (4 chapters 40-80 minutes of Listening each)

015 Manifestations of Karma (Spiritual Manifestations of Karma) (4 chapters 40-80 minutes of Listening each)

016 Developing the Power of Spiritual Healing (12+)

017 Lectures on Easter 2010 (The Easter Mystery) (5 chapters 40-80 minutes of Listening each)

018 Constellations of the Spirit (15 chapters 40-80 minutes of Listening each)

019 Prophesies of the Spirit and The Spiritual Body of Man (13 chapters 40-80 minutes of Listening each)

020 The Power of Incarnation (12+)

021 Care of the Cosmic Soul (12+)

022 Spirituality of Plants - The Story of the Spirituality of Plants (12+)

023 Reading the Signs of Nature - Understanding the Sign and Symbols of Nature (12+)

024 The Biodynamic Cosmos: Reading the Book of Nature (12+)

025 The Philosophy of Spirit (12+)

026 The Archangel Michael and The Shadow of the Spirit (12)

027 The Mysteries of the Rose Cross (12)

028 The Mysteries of Christian Rosenkreuz (12)

029 Christian Mystery Centers (12)

030 Mysteries of the Holy Grail (12)

031 Mysteries of the Manichaeans (12)

032 General Teachings – (6)

033 Lost Teachings of the Desert Initiates (12)

034 Prophets, Legends and Prophecies (12)

035 The Seven Pillars of Sophia (12)

036 Cosmogenesis I (12)

037 Cosmogenesis II (12)

038 Cosmogenesis III (12)

039 Cosmogenesis IV (12)

040 Cosmogenesis V (12)

041Cosmogenesis VI (12)

042 World Creation of Man and Nature (12)

043 The Community of the Most Loved Master (12)

044 The Mysteries of China and the Search for Wisdom I (12)

045The Mysteries of China and the Search for Wisdom II (12)

046 Legends of the Immortals and Modern Health and Healing (12)

047 Mysteries of India (Legends and Gods of India) (12)

048 Introduction to Rosicrucian Buddhism (12)

049 Foundations of Rosicrucian Buddhism (12)

050 The Aetheric Christ (12)

051 The Zarathustra Jesus (12)

052 The White Madonna (12)

053 The Spiritual Revelation of Mary Magdalene (12)

054 The Beloved Disciple of Jesus (12)

055 Secrets of the Fairy Tales of Goethe and Novalis (12)

056 The Mysteries of Love, Spirituality and Human Fertility (12)

057 The Mysteries Apollo and the Muses (12)

058 The Mysteries of Dionysus and the Goddess of Mt. Parnassus (12)

059 In the Garden of The Hesperides (12)

060 Artists of the Spirit, Substance Creation and Cosmic Karma (12)

061 Cosmic Karma. Thoughts, Feelings and Destiny (12)

062 Higher Spirituality and Artists of the Earth (12)

063 Realms of the Gods and Poets of the Earth (12)

064 Spirituality, Consciousness and Perspectives (12)

065 Creation of the Soul and the Spirit in Nature (12)

066 Christianity and the Spirit in Nature (12)


067 From Psychology to Spirituality - Series I (12)

068 From Psychology to Spirituality - Series II (12

069 Intuitional Psychology - Introduction to the Psychology of the Artist (12)

070 Imaginative Psychology (12)

071 From Psychology to Spirituality - Series III
The Search for the Male and Female Souls (12)

072 Inspirational Psychology (12)

073 The Path of Discipleship - Series I -The Development and Creation of Pure Soul (12)

074 The Path of Discipleship - Series II - The Path of the Disciples and the Disciples (12)

075 The Path of Discipleship - Series III The Community of the Disciples (12)

076 The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz - Days 1-3 (12)

077 The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz - Days 4-7 (12)

078 Spiritual Illumination and Enlightenment (12)

079 Alchemy of Man Earth and Stars (12)

080 Spiritual Illumination and Dark Astrality (12)

081 Secrets of the Signs of the Zodiac and the Christian Initiations (12)

082 The Psychology of Immortality (12)

083 The Light of Eternity (12)

084 Follow Me – The Words of the Master (13)

085 The Christ Realm of the Spirit (12)

086 Secrets of Gnostic Christianity – The Secret Books of James and John (13)

087 Gnostic Christianity – The Cosmic Drama,
The Sophia of Jesus Christ, Gospels of Thomas and Judas

088 The Technology of the Soul (12)

089 The Upanishads (12)

090 The Mystery Births of Jesus and Buddha (12)

091 Aetheric and Astral Forces and Sense Creation (12)

092 The Aetheric Christ in the Earth and Super Spiritual Materiality (12)

093 Meditations on Solitude and Other Virtues (12)

095 Greek Gods and Goddesses (12)

096 The Power of Spiritual Conceptions (12)

097 Angels and Archangels in Human Destiny (12)

098 Nature Spirits (12)

099 Upanishads II

100 Virgin Mary (12)

101 Haron Al Rachid and the Rise of Arabism

102 Greek Gods and Goddesses II (12)

103 Nature Spirits II (12)

104 Virtues of the Soul II (12)

105 The Pandemic 2020 (12)

106 Cell Biology and World Evolution (12)

107 Islam, Christianity and Buddhism (12)

108 Uluru and the Triangle of Fire (5)

110 Isis and the House of Glory (5)

111 The Mysteries of the House of Scorpio (5)

112 The Spirituality of Animals (5)

113 Spiritual Nature and the Divine Feminine (5)

114 The Spirits of the Elements (5)

115 The Spiritual Significance of the Incarnation of Jesus (5)

116 The Signs of the Times and the Apocalypse (12)

117 The Emergence of the Self in Time - Meditations on the Count St Germain

118 The Signs of the Times and the Apocalypse (12)

119 The Esoteric Teachings for the Students of Esoteric Nature (14)

120 The Prophecies of Queen Lilio'akolani the Last Queen of Hawaii (4)

121 Critical Thought and the Future of Mankind (8)

123 The Esoteric Teaching for the Modern Students of the Spirit (Special Order)
122 The Realm of Love's Dead (12)
123 The Journey of Spiritual Lover's
124 The Protocols of Spiritual Friends

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