Our recordings of Tazo contain Spiritual Research for People of the present age.

"Health and Healing comes to anyone when the Soul and Spiritual truths appear before the Soul of the Student of the Spirit. This path is revealed by listening to my recordings."

Spiritual Knowledge

has the power to open up your soul and to discover the most sublime possibilities ever dreamed and imagined! 



The Journey of Life is much clearer when you know the Way.

The Modern Path of Spiritual Development According to Spiritual Research

Everyone can learn and expand consciousness, but without spiritual eyes, one may be indeed present in a spiritual place, but one cannot see anything....what good comes of that? 

But every changes when the soul undertakes my training system....the world changes from darkness to light! Many have experienced the Spiritual Light in my lectures! How amazing is that!!!

- Tazo

"Great truths are the lasting treasures of the soul, and Great souls are the building stones of Eternity" Tazo

Step by step the souls on the journey to the land of the spirit steadily goes, everyday climbs, until one day the goal is reached and the spiritual worlds are there before them!

We hope you will join us on this journey!

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