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The Modern Rosicrucian Path of Spiritual Advancement Revealed !!!
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This is a great new addition to our school, and as we have over 5,000 pages at present, using a very conservative estimate, this one tool will allow you to research with keywords and download the notes for home study complete with links to the online glossaries and libraries of information.

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The Note Terms Link to our Hall of Research. It is a database of definitions and terms which I have written. Also in the Research Hall are interactive forums, lectures, and videos. It is an amazing experience!   I highly recommend using it with these lecture notes. Any link will take you to the Research Hall subscription page. The Hall of Research is the core of my 1000 lectures!  It contains handwritten notes of my extensive research in Rosicrucian Spiritual Science, Anthroposophy, Physics, Science, Medicine, Chemistry, History, and more.

Both Hall of Research and the Research Lecture Directory come free if you get a 12 lecture series ($120). 

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