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    I use an Ancient Hermetic-Greek Form of working with the Zodiac. In my lectures of the Signs, you look for the Influences of Planetary and Zodiac forces using the powers of your inner being. That is the significant difference between the one form and the other. I relate the persons back into the Cosmos from the soul, rather than to look at the Cosmos making the person from the Zodiac. What you are referring to is Personal Astrology which is Babylonian Astrology. It is a very different way to work. I spent 40 years researching and meditating to come to the original material. And it just so happened that my inspirations turned out to also be echoing the ancient Greek Zodiac. I didn't know that until I had the whole course down. And this is explained in an article I posted in the Free Forum for the students called The Circle of the Zodiac. My work will give a much broader, deeper and wider understanding of Phoenician-Egyptian-Greek contributions. Maybe you want to have a closer look at the studies? Login and make yourself an account and meet our students and friends there.