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The New Esoteric Rosicrucian Lessons!

The New Esoteric Rosicrucian Lessons!

by Friend Tazo -
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Goethe, fascinated by the layers of human understanding, pictured this in his story of the Beautiful Lily. The Dream river is symbolic for the Soul which can only see a Part of the Flow of the River, and that which is on the 'other side' is also what occurs for us in Spiritual Transformation - we arrive on the Other Side, and then want to make our way back to the other side again. Consciousness is the Bridge between the states of the Soul Being, and so in our Rosicrucian Esoteric Lessons, I teach the techniques of Teachers such as Rudolf Steiner, or other Masters of the Soul Realms, the secrets of the spiritual bodies which are buried deep within our nature and have very specific needs each according to the particular person. It is a marvelous experience to watch students grow in confidence as they learn the techniques to master and navigate their inner consciousness.

I bet your wondering where are the lessons? Will they be available for students? 

In the next post I will announce more about the lessons.

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