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Excellent to Accompany the Secret Teachings book

by Laura Turner - Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 7:38 AM

Covers all the basic Rosicrucian teachings: the cosmology of the Earth; the development of the Human Being (descent into matter, and ascent back into spiritual); the separation from the Spirit realm; the separation and importance of two genders as well as the purpose of each; the adept known as Zarathustra, and his work within Jesus of Nazareth to prepare him to receive the Christ for his final three years as a man; how Zarathustra has continued his work since the time of Jesus; the human cultures which received these impulses; and the constitution of an adept human being (innocence + intelligence + wisdom) to become the vessel for the highest spiritual beings.



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Gifts of the Rosenkreutz Institute

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Thursday, 26 March 2020, 11:53 AM

If anyone is interested in modern spiritual scientific research absolutely look into becoming a student of the spirit with the Rosenkreutz Institute. I have taken many of Eugene Passofaro’s courses and they all have been absolutely incredible! As students of the spirit, I believe that we need not only Rudolf Steiner’s work as a foundation, but now more than ever especially a spiritual science that is more up to date with our modern life. I would highly recommend especially the lecture series 026 “Michael the Archangel and The Shadow of the Spirit”, 078 “Enlightenment and Illumination” and 079 “Alchemy of Man Earth & Stars”. This school has so much to offer to any student of spirit. I hope everyone feels they same sort of gratitude and reverence for having found the amazing work of the Rosenkreutz Institute! I truly believe that this work is forming the spiritual science of the future. 



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O56 - Love, Spirituality, and Human Fertility

by Sean Rueth Kaiser - Tuesday, 6 October 2020, 7:13 AM

O56 - Love, Spirituality, and Human Fertility was an amazing lecture course! This lecture course built upon the teachings and revelations found in 055. I would recommend that you get 055 before taking this lecture course because they build off one another. This lecture course holds essential knowledge and wisdom about the secrets of the Golden Fleece and Blue Mantle. This lecture course also goes into the secrets of love, human fertility, aether body, as well as the true esoteric secrets of growing your lotus flowers. There is also a very important and hidden teaching that is revealed in this course. This hidden teaching concerns the divine feminine and why it has been hidden until now. This is an essential piece of wisdom and knowledge I feel we should all come to understand. The teachings contained in this lecture course are the first of their kind. For me, this course was a truly humbling and enriching experience to be apart. This is a course that is truly filled with divine and sacred knowledge. I would highly recommend this lecture course for all students of the Spirit. I hope you choose to take this course, as well as 055. It was truly an amazing and unforgettable experience! 



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Pandemic 2020

by Laura Turner - Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 9:32 AM

The esoteric science is revealed! 2020 is the transition time from esoteric Rosicrucianism (alchemy) to exoteric (biotechnology). Modern microbiology and biotechnology scientists are in this stream, and need the balance that comes from the spiritual science as presented in this course in order to prevent a mess due to poor "fermentation". Lecture 10 is the culminating description of this revelation:  vaccines being demanded and created by modern females; Divine Feminine Natura-Venus and why CR finds himself in the dungeon needing to grab the rope she dangles to him, i.e. the modern masculine/feminine principles. This course is essential knowledge for today's RKI students.



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The Siege of Leningrad and the Coming of the Christs of the Earth 51m

by Natali Nitz - Thursday, 30 January 2020, 9:14 AM

The lecture was delivered with great feeling. The cruel time of the war, the horrors of hunger and the way people survived in Leningrad - everything was conveyed very truthfully. The higher spiritual forces of that time are present in the rhythm of the sound of the lecture. Thank you for raising such a difficult topic in our time!


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