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The Path of the Esotericist

The Path of the Esotericist

by Friend Tazo -
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Dear Friend, 

 Have you felt the  calling of the Higher Planes above? Then you may need to get the Superb Knowledge found in our Rosicrucian Esoteric Weekly lessons. Why?  This knowledge will help you to understand the Cosmic Forces of the Higher Spiritual Planes that work around you filling you with extra power and through the Zodiac. When you can read it properly, you will feel so much better about the calling to you from the spirit because you'll know why it is calling! It is your time to pack you diet with super charged light, that shine the way to Awesome Spiritual Knowledge! The level of satisfaction you will get from these Esoteric Lesson is off the charts!  Compare it  to spiritual bliss and endless energy - when the kundalini awakens right?  to the down and out feeling you get by missing the bus - well the Zodiac has wheels, that's why Buddha is called the Master of the Wheel of karma!  Most people spend years trying to master their serpent power but without having a structured unfolding, they will fall as high as they rise! What goes up must come down, then what? These lessons will show you the path to take step by step until you reach the goal you set out for yourself. It's that simple, and this course plots it for you so you already know what is essential to know, and don't waste time trying to sift through a pile of videos and documents for the one answer you need right now. All this is just going to make you even more frustrated  and even mad too! So beat the frustration and get the lessons and do your self a big favor by loving yourself and shower your self with spiritual wisdom!  There is no better way to show yourself love than to feed it on  spiritual wisdom!  Every class we offer is a shower of Light Filled Wisdom! It will impress you at times, but others it will be food for your hungry soul. 

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Now here at our school we have a perfect lesson course you can enroll in to get that super-charged light knowledge - it is our Rosicrucian Esoteric Weekly lessons! This course is only for people like you who want to know everything about everything and learn it in the shortest possible span of time! Here it is! 14 Lessons and you go at the optimal absorption  as 14 weekly lessons.

May the Cosmic Light awaken you in your deepest levels!


 The Rosicrucian Esoteric Weekly lessons are outstanding, and will reveal the a powerful secret of the 3rd eye beam of light beam, how to find it, and how to focus it!  Don't be fooled by people who can only mention it, you will know they are only dabbling with it.  Why is it important? Here's why; in these lessons you will awaken the serpent fire of the kundalini and with the right order of your awakening you will be ready to arise in the spiritual beam as a master warrior of light and focus your power to see!

Cosmic Changes in the Stars this Esoteric knowledge will help you to understand the Do's and Don'ts before you get frustrated and have a serious mental breakdown! 

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This course has a super valuable Questions forum too! Wow, is this ever helpful. Each lesson comes with links to descriptions and our school research library where you can research threads of thought!  You get custom meditations, helpful instructions on creating your own tools and techniques to help you master your Forces and not be swamped by then because you didn't know better - now you will have the right power under your feet and a click away to the greatest knowledge you can experience! It just doesn't get any better than this.

This knowledge is already at your level, and even higher, that way you can feel the knowledge to assist you step by step to help you unfold the greatest in you and not be pushed down to the ground with frustration. Beat the punches and master the design, and you can win the game and achieve the prize you deserve! Hit the enroll button, or contact me for further information to help you get started with your next level of spiritual advancement.

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