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The path and the journey are not the Same - The Rose is the Example - It must continue on its way to Be A Rose No Matter the Weather Outside it see photo - this Rose is Blossoming in the Snow!  Just like you.

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All stray from the path for one reason or another. But the purpose of the journey will appear as an inspiration in the soul when the person has forgotten it. Then it is the student must seek to return. The person now has come to a new stage of seeking, and it is not the first time. The eyes of the spirit see all these things. The person must understand the eyes of the spirit have never left, but now, where is the path and the way back or forward...where? 

A spiritual teaching such as ours awakens the soul through pictures and symbols of the path. These will awaken the inner eye to see the signs of the invisible nature that must appear as reality, for the path is only partly external, the other part is internal.  That is why the path and the journey are symbolized by a serpent on a rod. The rod is not the law, as some mistakenly imagine....but it is similar none-the-less. The Rod is the also the feeling of truth which is there in the blood. Just as the direction to a distant object puts a line between us and it, so the blood records every thought that is distant and aligns with the inner self in the soul.

This points out the paths and lines of the soul as it overlays itself on the ground of the surface of the world nature. Raising this up into consciousness is called the 'Raising of the Serpent', and it is the light which rises in the spinal column and is the measure from which the soul can measure its substances and heal its inner being so as to form a real soul self.

Everyone, is welcome to learn. If you are willing to do the work of the path, you will reach the goal.  Our Teachings will only reveal what is already within you and make it clear.  Also, each person presents unique challenges, and the path can be shortened because the teacher is there always watching on the path.

Anyone that goes off the path, will also come back again. The teacher is there to greet you again and again. That is the experience of the guide who is the teacher. When you are close to the path, and exhausted by misery, the teacher knows how to bring you to your hope and reveal to you where to rejoin the path you remember. One path is straight and the other is weaves back and forth. That is why the sign of the teacher is the man by the river.  

Look in the Menu Bar for FREE STUFF and REGISTER and ACCESS the LISTENING-HALL for FREE lectures that may change your life forever.

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