Nurses Against Vaccines

I had an experience with a student of mine. She was traumatised by the medical practises she was involved in.  This was  25 years ago.  She came to me for help basically because she had injected a vaccine which killed her recipient, a fresh and beautiful 15 year woman.  It is things like this that have no political or 'professional' solution.  Intentional-accidental deaths? Maybe, but when one is telling people it is 'harmless', and one believes it, but when one death comes, it erases the delusion of statistics and puts the soul in front of the reality of deeds.  What is happening in the world? It is 'consciousness'.  The world gives consciousness to man as nature, gods, goddesses, life-spirit, are now filling everyone.  And so, what is the shadow of the past?  Unconsciousness is the perfect shadow of consciousness.  To wake up and understand, and not be a robot, a 'cog in a wheel'  - all of these - are what men are resisting.

Many are now waking up to their role as 'conscious beings' , gods, goddesses, ....and if you had this feeling 'oh no! That's sacrilegious to say that! .... but as Jesus said "is it not written in your books (laws)you shall be as gods?" see John 10:34.  And so those who have not become Gods - yet - , and place themselves between men and god -li-ness, (which is the state of being g oo d) is written in Luke 11:52-53 " 52 Woe to you experts in the law! For you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”   

When someone 'enters', that is to 'become', to grow in consciousness, and make decisions based on truth, wisdom, knowledge, science, etc, all are part of Being Conscious and also Being A God or Goddess.  And people, it is happening because God has done this in you and everyone. Even our Education is filled with the Will of Spirit.  This is not realigion, this is not faith, this is just a way to understand Reality.    And if you want to believe it is faith, it is God, and nature, and Will, then by all means study and learn. Our school teaches of the uniquely free spiritual power of nature that comes as spirit and invisible will to assist and befriends and guides everyone to the Goal that is in the -Good- Will of Nature.  This 'Will' reveals itself to any intelligent and open minded person.  

 And the truth is this, no one should be compelled against their will to use their professional power to kill or mame anyone against their will.    

 And so I understand the world of mankind is having to re-think itself for the educational systems have made men into Free-Thinkers, and have every right to oppose the 'old order'  and to find a 'new way' for mankind as professionals and laymen both.     

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