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Healing News

Healing News

by Friend Tazo -
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🌻 A student came to me for healing  today.  He had suffered a hit to his knee a few days ago and was limping very badly and used a cane to hold himself erect.  Pretty bad, it was,  I stretched his leg out and applied my healing with aloes. You could see the swollen area was red surrounded by a dark area. As I brushed my hands around it the darkness gave way, and the flesh began to take on a fresh rosey color - you could watch it dissolve away.  Then, after 20 minutes of moving the aetherc currents and not touching the affected area, the whole knee turned a rose color. The man got up, walked around and gave me his cane and said: here is a gift to you, thank you, I don't need it. He even danced a little as he left a new man.

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Re: Healing News

by Linda Hart -
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Tazo posts a wonderful , rose-inspired account of healing at 11.22.

Some people say that the number 11 is an ‘angel number‘. 

And leaving the cane behind shows true confidence in the healing. 


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