Legends of the Immortals, by Story Lectures by Tazo

The ancient stories of King Mu, The Queen of the West, and the Buddha of the West that was brought to life in China I, further elaborated inChina II, and now has formed into further inspirations to be the foundation for this new course of 12 lectures by Tazo.

The student will enjoy this series our continued studies of the stories of the Eight Immortals of China, Christian legends of the east, and now we will add Hindu and Buddhist sources. What is of special significance in these lectures will be the illumination provided by modern spiritual science and anthroposophy to give us an added light with which to illumine the legends and reveal new insights into modern health and healing techniques and practices for the body, soul and spirit.

Join us and the students of Rosenkreutz Institute for this next series on the mysteries of the world.

Eastern and Western spirituality is now bridged. The careful study of these lectures provides a basis for understanding the principles of spiritual development in the light of the east and the west along with guidance in understanding and confronting demons of the Astral world.

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