The Realm of the Human Spirit

 High above the world, in an unknown place is the Realm of the Human Spirit where everything there is Human Spirit. Imagine that! What is there?  Enter the Realm of the forgotten past and see what is forgotten and discover the hidden treasures of the soul waiting for the light of the soul to illumine them!

005 The Realm of the Human Spirit

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Here are 9 story books about the Realm of the Human Spirit
It is a sublime and spiritual realm where the human soul goes to replenish, and bath in the refresh spiritual waters of its origins. Here it explores the goals before the world began and tries to seek messages and signs of the new tomorrow. The Dawn of the new world is certainly to come, but the treasures of the soul can only be recovered by regaining a foothold in the spiritual realm and following the light of the Spirit to find what is must say about the paths of the past and way of the future.

These stories will delight and amazing you, and stimulate your imagination and your dreams. Today we are entering the dusk of the setting sun and the long night will come, but those with strengthened forces will be awakened by the wise guardians at the portals. Listen to the stories here in this series and learn the secrets of the future and the past of Man and their spiritual nature.