106 Cellular Biology and World Evolution

Modern science has steered itself into some of the most important waters of all time! Scientists have discovered ways to unlock the secrets of cellular creation. The question is: Are they Ready?   The answer is certainly not!  Every day the thought will cross the mind of every biologist, the power and the magnitude of modern science, and then inwardly face the prospect of having no real working knowledge of the goal or purposes not revealed by any external living thing.  This course dives into the questions of the discoveries and how they relate to World Evolution and the questions regarding the Divine Creation and the Hidden Spiritual permeating everything.  It is the author's hope that Doctors, Biologists, and anyone that seeks answers to the deepest questions of our existence.  To comprehend the spiritual is to see the deeper and hidden meaning in everything.  The capacity for godlike creation and healing is here, but we need to know if it is something good or another form of evil.

12 Audio Lectures, comprehensive research notes, Hall of Research, Q&A Forum.