090 Aetheric and Astral Substances and Sense Creation, 12 Lecture Series

A Lecture Series by Eugene Passofaro

This series of lectures contains important occult information about spirituality and human senses.

New Cosmic substances have poured into the environment of the earth. What mankind does with these substances is essential to the unfolding of the next earthly natures of the present and the future earth planet.  Stary and Planetary configurations and the finer inner organs of the human being are forming enhanced inner powers of seeing and hearing.  The pouring out of these powers to sense higher spiritual beings and their activities on the higher faculties of the human being is essential to transition and transform external and internal spiritual activities and further developments of the substances of man and nature. This is a very advanced knowledge of the spiritual nature of man and the cosmic world and its beings. Students can expect a higher condition and transformation of soul and consciousness awareness through the study of these lectures.  

In these 12 lectures learn about the Aetheric-Astrality through the Ages. 

The 12 Lectures on this Course

  • 0902 122618 Sense Creation At the Portals of the Aetheric Christ Realm 44m File

  • 0903 010219 Sense Development In the Breath Realm and the Three Being Natures of Man 62m

  • 0904 030719 Aetheric Organs of Perception and Astral Forces 45m

  • 0905 030819 Higher Spiritual Senses and Modern Developments 44m

  • 0906 031019 The Treasure in the Physical Nature 60m File Modified

  • 0907 031119 The Conversion of the Astral-nature and Human Sorrow 48m

  • 0908 031219 Stages of Nature and the Development of Astral and Aetheric Senses 52m F

  • 0909 031419 Astral Forces and the Elements and Paths of Transformation in Nature 55m

  • 09010 033119 The Path to the Higher Nature and the Hidden Forces of the Astral Body 49m