The Spirituality of Plants - 13 Amazing Lectures, complete with notes.

1 The Portal of Cosmic Life 111110 40m
2 The Special Characteristics of Plants 111310 70m 
3 The Secrets of Cosmic Beings & The Book of the World 111410 65m
4 The World Development of the Soul 111510 60m
5 Cosmic Rebirth and Ancient Heredity 111710 56m
6 The Spirit of the  Earth and the Garden of Eden 111810 58m
7 Conscious Spiritual Nutrition and the World of Plants 112110 52m
8 How Fruits Are Formed from Out of the Spirit 112510 58m
9 The Tree of Life and The Divine Principles Of the Male and the Female 112710 67m
10 The Angel From the Throne of Heaven 112810 Morning 53m
11 The Great Secrets of the World 112810 Evening 54m
12 The Spiritual Plant 113010 56m

Supplemental LC 8b Realms of Cosmic Being and the Plant