069 The Intuitional Psychology Online Audio Study Course

Take part in our introductory course Intuitional Psychology at the The Eye of the Artist. These studies focus learning and discovering the way artists.  What makes a poet, a musician, an actor, a writer an artist? Take this course for that special way of knowing as an artist knows and sees the world and discover the basis for self awareness and learning that is special and different from other ways of learning and discovery.  Come and learn and discover the Eye of the Artist in you and others! 

Intuition  =  immediate understanding without rationale structures.  An awareness that senses and knows things, events, people, situations without cause for reason or doubts. 

Psychology = the study of the paths of the soul to know itself, the world in it, surrounding it, fertilizing it, opening it, closing it, and nourishing it, transforming it.

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