The Spiritual Science of Astronomy and Natural Science 18 lecture Series by Rudolf Steiner

R.Steiner though the title should be "How To Understand all Branches of Natural Science", and it is an excellent suggestion for it describes the course. It is not an easy course but one that one learns exactly how Steiner thought - how to comprehend all the branches of natural science. Be sure to take this most amazing course of studies.

In this course of 18 lectures by rudolf Steiner you will explore how to understand the Cosmos Through the discoveries of Modern Astronomy &Natural Science

18 Lecture Series by Rudolf Steiner

Notes by Tazo is the editor of the Rosenkreutz Institute Research Translation Library.

Join Tazo as you explore the deep secrets contained in the lectures by Rudolf Steiner.  "Learn how spiritual science is integrated with Astronomy and Natural Science to form a deep and spiritual comprehesion of the world." Tazo

Understanding The Cosmos Through Astronomy & Natural Science -  18 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner