1263 080222 The Spiritual Lover

This lecture was recorded live, it cuts off abruptly because of a problem with the recorder.  The lecture was finished on the following morning (you can request to listen to that lecture by writing eugene@audiblewisdom.com)

Part II ( no notes)

1263 080222 The Spiritual Lover

The Mountain

The change of the soul pf the spiritual lover. The honoring. The benediction of the spirit of love. The sharing of the gifts. The expansion and flow of the substance of the spirit of love.

The Hunger of the Lover

The hunger of the lover. The path of starvation, and the path of suffering.

The Sacrifice in Unrequited Love

The suffering of the lover and the coming of the spirits of nature. The pouring out of hell into the soul of the starving lover. Why?

The Conquest and the Breaking of the Gifts

The corrupting of the soul with the spirit of conquest.

The Path to the Alone

The sorting of the substances. The ownership of substances, path and the karma. The substance that can't be enjoyed. The path to the alone and the time of the reckoning.

The Parable of the Master and the Feast

The invitation and the guests. The mystery of the guests of the feast of the Master. Who are the guests?

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