10711 052321 The Mystery Fire and the Root in the Wind and The Souls in the Realm of Darkness and Light 64m

10711 052321 The Mystery Fire and the Root in the Wind and The Souls in the Realm of Darkness and Light 64m

Pentecost Sunday

Acts 2

A reading and interpretations. The appearances of the flames. The prophecy of Joel 2. Calling on the name of Christ (the Lord). Palm 16 of David.

The Holy Relic of Europe

The Lords of Nature and the Lord of the Lords

The path of the Lords of the Nature. Mankind and the path of nature.

The Parable of the Bats

A new parable is given. The depiction of man in nature. The cycles of nature and reality and illusions. Time and the illusions of time. Time and power. The wisdom of men and how it applies to nature. The wisdom of higher worlds and the wisdom that permeates nature.

The Separation of Man and Nature

The separation of man and nature. The traps of nature and the traps of the spiritual nature. Spiritual substances of the self and spiritual nature.

The Path and the Self

The path of the self-image and the hall of mirrors. The path of the god. The path and the program. The serious business of nature in comparison to the wisdom of man. How applicable is our present wisdom?

The Old Path and the New Path

How do we find the path? How to we see the light on the path? When is it possible? When is the time of seeing the light? The importance of understanding the light. The conditions of the darkness and the light. The potent and dynamic power in the spiritual substances. Following the path of the light and heat in physical and spiritual bodies.

Spiritual Science and the Mysteries of Sugar-proteins

Cells and protein shells creations. Heat and protein-sugars and the paths of putrefaction. Protective material creations and the path of the soul.

The Root In the Wind

Where is the root of the soul nature? The root that was uprooted. The search for the place of the root in the wind.

The Mystery of the 13th Disciple

The Choosing of the 13th Disciple. The transition from the old world soul to the new world soul. The soul of Matthias.

The Feeding and the Calling

The mystery of Pentecost and the calling. What is the calling to? The grace and the path of the grace.

The Mystery of INRI

The mystery of the sign of INRI. The path of the alchemists and esoteric Christianity. The four elements and the mystery sacrifice of the body of Jesus.

The Light-spirit and the Growth

Understanding the spiritual path of light through spiritual science. The spiritual science of the early Christian Alchemists. The Mystery of the foundation of the forming of the science of Alchemy. An artistic perception. The figure of Peter Petegrew in Harry Potter.

At the Foundations of the World-nature

The mystery of Pentecost and the forming Alchemy. The mystery of the four female alchemists. Cleopatra the Alchemist.

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