010212 071320 The Riddle of the River to the Underworld and Ocean of Life-aether 76m

Sample Notes from a Course Lecture. In the course in addition to the notes is the Oracle to listen to as you browse the notes and research the terms.  This is from series 0102 

010212 071320 The Riddle of the River to the Underworld and Ocean of Life-aether 76m

The Esoteric Lineage of the Divine Feminine Nature and the Rejuvenation of Helen

Modern Man and the Old Myths
Penetrating to the reality. What did the Greeks intend with these stories? Seeing with the eyes on the spiritual-nature and how it illumines the deeper secrets of the myths.
Theseus and Pirithous

Theseus and his friend Pirithous desires a demigoddesses for wives. Theseus and his desire for the fair woman. Helen and Theseus. The daughter of Theseus and Helen.
The Divine Woman
he desire for the divine woman and reality. Where does the path lead? The symbolic nature of the Divine Feminine characterized in Persephone.

Moon Gods and Goddesses of the Astral World
The Selene-Moon character of the soul. The masculine and feminine Dios and Dione. The male and female forms of Zeus. The mother and father of Dione are Gaia and Aether (brightness). The dream state and the astral realm. Ghostly and dark natures. The underworld.

Persephone and the Magical Underworld of the Earth

How to enter the underworld? The world and the plane. The occult form of the moon. The sphere relationship to the moon. The 'slice of the world' and the form of the plane of aether.
The Light-filled Aphrodite

The path to see Aphrodite. Aphrodite is born of the Titaness Dione and Zeus. The perception of Aphrodite and the development of the sense of the immortal. The substance of the earth that reveals Gaia.

The spiritual picture of the moon-earth form as the aetheric earth. The ocean of aether-nature. Helen as Selene-Moon. The lineage: Gaia-Dione – Aphrodite – Helen-Selene – the Torch of the Virgin – Theseus – Oceanus - Aetheric-Ocean – the birth of the Goddess of the Light of the Moon – Iphigenia . The three forms of being, individual, the river, night, the Moon, the Torch of the Night, the river to the oceanianic. The initiate is a 'salty dog' 'of the dog star' as those who have navigated the oceans of the inner being.

The Desire for the Divine Feminine
Hearing the Divine. The arising sorrow. The immediate lack of strength and how to strengthen the inner nature. The tears and the reality. The disturbance of the soul nature against the spiritual nature. The search for the healing spirit of the Divine feminine soul. How to find the healing spirit. What kind of wisdom is needed? How to dissolve and overcome the sorrowing of the inner nature.
The Germination of the Seed of the Spiritual-soul
A technique of working in the elemental nature to germinate the seed of the spiritual-soul. How to use the power of the moon to germinate the seed of inner soul in the higher realm. The aether at the ends of time.
The Measures of the Sheaths of the Grains
The length and breath of time. The life-aether and the cosmic measure and the forming of human soul in the cosmic dimension. The water-sphere of Oceanus. Following the esoteric path of Oceanus. The fertile field and the flowing aetheric-rivers of water gods and goddesses. The powers of the metals and how they form and dehydrate into the astral nature. The sheaths of the seeds. The secrets of the sheaths and how the spiritual rivers form. The forms hidden in the aether-spaces. The gathering of the seeds in the fields. The 3000 Oceanides, and the river gods as the offspring of Oceanus.
The Auric Egg
The form of the Astral-aetheric egg. The Helen-being, the Virgin Mary, and the Corn-goddess. The form of the almondyne. The form that mankind is given to create. The task. The esoteric meaning of the earth and man and nature. Dione - Gaia-Aether – Zeus. The form and the shape. Separating the poisons form the health giving.
Myths and Stories and the Path of Truth
The secret language in the teachings. The meanings that are hidden. The hidden meanings in the stories of the poets. The mandorla or almondyne shape of the auras of Christian or Buddhist saints.
Salt and Cosmic Fertility
The sailor (slaty-dog) as a symbol of the soul voyaging on the salty ocean of the cosmos. Secrets of salt and cosmic fertility. The fertilizing power of the light of the moon (see Halo). The multiplication of the soul-nature into the cosmic-aether. Salt as the symbol of the aether-body. Salt and the mystery of time. The taste of the planets.

Calcium and Zinc and the Cell
The hunger of Calcium. ZFNs or Zinc fingers. The path of hydrogen. The path of oxygen and ionization. The movement of hydrogen ions.
The Journey to the Waters of Life
Sailing on the seas and rivers to the ocean of life. The New Helen. The rebirth and the new spirit through the waters of life. The starting point, and plotting the path to the goal.
The Fair Helen-beings
The destination of the soul in the future. The male that is important to the female lover. What male? Who will be the Mate of the new Helens? Setting out the light to guide the lover. The transformation of Mars and Mercury.

The Substance of Knowledge
The revelation of the substance nature of knowledge. The salt ocean of knowledge.

The Esoteric Lineage of the Divine Feminine Nature

Gaia-Aether= Dione – Dione-Zeus=Aphrodite, Zeus-Aphrodite – (through the Apple of Adventure) Helen-Selene

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