Oh My Men Hard Hearts a Curse!

Oh My Men, Hard Hearts A Curse - Sung and composed by Eugene Passofaro

Storms of truth soak the thoughts of men
As whispering shudders cold as rain
Webs of delusions haunting voice

Shadows of the worlds of coal 
I walked threw the graves
Of living ghosts in smokey fates smokey waters cleared mists of dawn
Beams of eyes searched, piled straw men of the walked, 
Not a living word was heard, in the silence haunted demons lurked

Oh my men hard hearts a curse, youthful seasons of wasted life, wasted from birth, that leads more to the dungeons her doors open wide! 

Oh men, Oh men, the heat the hate, Oh the eyes throbbing red, blood of aging breath, like blood you see the eyes, oh men, oh men, oh men, you see like blood the eyes
 Blood's land of death, oh men oh men the blood it's flowing high, invisibly high, invisibly high! 

Oh men, oh men, blind men with words of eyes, oh men, blind men see with words of eyes, Oh my men hard hearts a curse, oh men!      

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