The Flames of Eternity

The Flames of Eternity - July 17 2017

Composed by Eugene Passofaro (C) 2017

What in my life The things that you say
That come in my thoughts
And build my way
And show me the path
And feel in my heart that your with me
Holding the flame of eternity
You lit my life and showed the way
And I follow you now to your place
And your heart could find my soul
In realms, above you now
And wandering along the path that we see
Oh where are you now to see me
O come the light
O come the soul of my love
Now I wait along the path
For your calling to me to come to you now
O my love O my soul
Come to me through the night
The stars they shine
The morning light greets me with your love
With your heart in mine 
O my Love

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