07812 081317 The Magical Nature of Knowledge and Seeing In the Soul-nature

07812 081317 The Magical Nature of Knowledge and Seeing In the Soul-nature

True Knowledge

How do we know true knowledge? What is the nature and experience of true knowing? What does this do for the soul-nature? Knowledge and seeing. The magical nature of knowledge. Seeds of knowledge.

Knowledge and Good and Evil

The darker side of knowledge. The pure forms of knowledge. Is there an evil form of knowledge? How to determine the pure and good forms of knowledge. Self-knowledge and purity of knowledge. The footprint of our being in nature.

Impulses of Knowledge and the Spirit

The power of knowledge to create substance. Is it possible? How do we know what to create? The impulse of knowledge. The spirit and purity of knowledge. The importance of our connection to spiritual work in the world.

Spiritual Knowledge and Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility to good and true knowledge. Enlightenment and illumination and our social environment. Intuition and the spirits of the world. The spirit of our folk and the individual human soul-nature.

The Human Soul-nature and Secrets of Nature

The needs of the spirit. Does the human soul give anything to nature? The pure fabric of the soul. The gift of nature to the human being to the cosmos. The gifts of creativity of the spirit to mankind.

The School of the Camerata

The ages of the renaissance and the enlightenment.

The Earthly and the Spiritual Man

Maturation of the soul in the realm of the earth. The earthly man and the development of the spirit man out of the earthly man. The giving of impulse to maturity to the earthly self. The roles of will, courage, and virtue. The reflection of the soul-nature. The broody of the self.

The Soul and Time

How the soul works in time. Spiritual knowledge and working with time and the soul. The time and the creations of soul. How to select from our store of the soul. That which works for the art of the soul-nature.

The Eye of the Soul

The development of the eye in the soul. What is the power of the eye in the soul? The value of developing the eye in the soul. The importance and value of the development of eye consciousness and the worlds of the spirit.

Consciousness, Suffering, and Transformation

Human suffering and transformation. The spiritual realms and the the earthly. The soul and the earth and the spirit.

Enlightenment and the Glory of the Soul

Enlightenment and the glory of the soul in the earth. The light of the soul and the earthly realm of spirituality.

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