0785 071617 The Light of the Altar of Venus

0785 071617 The Light of the Altar of Venus

Illumination and The Age of Enlightenment

The movement of the soul through time. The age of enlightenment and the ever increasing illumination of the soul. What was illumined? What was the enlightenment? What were the forces that were reflected in the impulses of religious freedom?

Art, Spiritual Beings, and the Soul

Spiritual realities and spiritual beings. What role did art play in reflecting the inner nature of the soul? The ancient Greeks poetic works and the development of Christian European culture.

Science and the Nature of Soul-being

Light, science and the soul-being. Science and light and the soul-being and the light. Science and being. Does science have a science for being? Is there a science for the being nature? Can there be an Enlightenment without a soul?

Nature and Being

The spirit of nature and reality and being. The spirit of nature and reality? How to approach the being and spirit of nature? What attracts the soul into the realm of nature? What attracts the spirit in nature to the soul of mankind? What is the power of attraction between man and spirit? The differecnes in the being-natures of human males and females. The significance of the differences between the sexes.

Minerals and the Reflection of the Being-nature

The secret power of the minerals to reflect the spirit. Secrets of the fiery nature of the spirit and the reflection nature of the nature.

The Altar of Venus

The four flames around the altar and the Tree of fruits at the altar of Venus. Secrets of the elemental realm and the four flames. The path of illumination. The light of the four flames and the powerful dream-nature of Venus. The secrets of the Tree at the altar of Venus.

Nature Enchantments and the Healing Aether

The enchantments emanations of nature. Gold and the power of spiritual enchantment. The protection of the soul from enchantments of nature. Secrets of the breath and aether. Secrets of the creation of aether and special natures of students of the spirit. The role of the human nature to create in the realm of external nature.

The Sound Aether and Enlightenment and Illumination of Being

The role of sound and knowledge of being. The sound aether and how it forms a basis to protect the soul from the terrible forces of nature.

The Riddle of the Sleeping Venus

At the altar of Venus. The spiritual riddle of Venus. The path of Christian Rosenkreutz to see her. Who shall she Wed? Who shall she be for when she awakens? The karma of the Castle.

The Temple Order and the Virginal Creations

The circle of Jesus and Disciples and the 1st spiritual emanation of the realm of the Virgins. The connection of the human female soul and the creation of virginal substances and forces. The capacity of the human female to taste knowledge. The order depicted in the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz as the Feminine stream. The higher and the lower natures of the human soul. The spiritual streaming of spirituality from the Temple Order over the earth to the students of the spirit.

The Light of the Altar of Venus

The servants of the streaming light from the Altar of Venus.

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