0784 071517 The Virgin of the Waters 50m

0784 071517 The Virgin of the Waters 50m

Why Enlightenment?

Rediscovering Enlightenment in the modern age.

Perception and Change

Perception of change. The changes in the soul from the age of enlightenment in comparison with today. How has the consciousness, the morality, and configuration changed in the being of man?

Materialism and its Effects

The soul of today. The dry form of the soul in the modern age. Why? How to counteract the forces of materialism. Two sides to the present age.

The Dark and Light Sides of the Soul

The effects of a lightening of the soul in the present. The virgin form of the soul. The release and freedom of the present age and how to use it to facilitate the development of the soul. Enslaving others or giving them freedom?

Virginal Substances and Our Soul Nature

The purest states of matter and spirit. The ends of creation and matter. The pure form of matter. The great mystery of the virginal substance of the cosmos. The enlightenment of the soul and the inner nature. The illumination of the inner soul nature and the virginal soul substances.

Secrets of the Virginal Body

Secrets of spirituality and the feminine spirituality. Cosmic creative spirituality and the acquisition of the virginal body. The two forms of Crystals, the sapphire chondrites and beryls. The path to discover the purest parts of the soul.

The Future Earth

Secrets of the earth spirituality in the writings of Poets and Alchemists. Why is the virginal state of matter and the soul nature so important? Secrets of the earth creative powers. Inspirations and the learning from the spirits of nature. The search for the virgin substances.

The Virgin of the Waters

The Virgin walking on the waters. The symbolic meaning of the Virgin on the waters. The being Theologia 06612 lecture 12 of Christianity and the Spirit in Nature. The ascending power of the human female nature and the coming and descending of forces to give power to rise above the world.

The Generative Power of Spiritual Inspiration

The inspiring of the virgin spirits. She that comes to alchemists, doctors, medicine men, and artists. The forming of the virginal forces and how they appear to the human soul, and then within the human soul. Those that are outside of the descending of this spirituality and those that the spirit comes to. The generative power of the touch of these inspiring spirits.

The Virgin Spirits and the Chemical Wedding

Reflections of the symbolic celestial order and realm of the higher spiritual beings and the earthly material world. The significance of the female nature and how the male natures are represented to be in the dungeons of the earth. What is the nature and contrast between the celestial realm and the realm of matter? The ascending and descending of the human soul. The ideal of in the Chemical Wedding that symbolizes the path of the human soul out of the world of corruption. The Chemical Wedding as the comic symbol for the interactions and cooperations between male and female natures.

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