0782 091117 Illumination and Development of the Soul-Nature 54m

0782 091117 Illumination and Development of the Soul-Nature 54m

Illumination of the Will and Spiritual Research

Discovering the will. The obscure nature of the will. Spiritual research of the of the soul-nature. The realm of the soul nature and the will of the spirit. The signs of time and change in the soul-spiritual. Using art as signs of changes in the realm of the soul-nature. The special form of Historical knowledge that is revealed by artistic impulses.

Inner Light and Karma

The light of the soul that leads to the spirit. Substance creation and knowledge. The light that leads to spiritual beings. The free form and path of human spiritual development.

Knowledge of the Spirit

The New of the Spirit and the development of Spiritual Knowledge. The characteristics of intellectual knowledge and how it isolates itself within itself. Illumination of the soul-nature and the advancement of spiritual knowledge. Examples of the isolated formations of intellectuality.

The Soul-nature and the Search for Truth

Perspectives of the soul and the designs of the nature. The argument of gravity and how it symbolizes a height of intellectual knowledge. Art and perspectives. Structures and systems of knowledge.

The Power of Lifting Up the Soul-being

The uplifting force of life. Gravity and counter-gravity. Knowledge and designs based on the soul-nature. Knowledge that comes from illuminating our inner activity. Life, and counter-gravity and other concepts that illumination the life-nature and the soul-being. Spirituality and the movement and changes in the soul-nature. The uplifting force. The mysterious power of the uplifting forces of the soul.

The Nature of the Higher and Lower Realms of the Soul

The paths of knowledge of the lower and higher natures of the soul. The lower nature. The conflict of the lower nature with the higher nature. The eye and how it sees itself. The desire nature and eye. Seeing into the soul-natures. The need for will and light to see into the will of the desire nature. The paths through the lower nature. What is the consequence of living wholly in the lower desire nature. The substances of the soul-being and the limitations upon our usage of the substances.

The Higher Nature

Discovering the power of the higher nature. What are the essential characteristics of the higher desire nature? The techniques to develop the higher nature. The benefits that result from a higher developmental spirituality. The gifts of the students of the spirit to the community of those on the path of higher spirituality.

The Arts of the Master Teachers of Spirituality

The arts of the master teachers of the spirituality of nature. What is the source of spirituality of nature? Following the light to the source of the light.

The Will to See the Soul-being

The activation of the will in the soul as the self undergoes changes within itself. Perception of the future being of the soul-being. The realm of the angels and the uplifted human soul. The layers of the soul-being. The nervous nature and how it can be followed to reveal the lower and higher natures of the soul. The work of our spiritual development and what it gives back to the soul being nature. The deleterious effects of the lower desire nature and how the eye learns to perceive it. The technique to thwart the designs of the lower nature.

The Will of Nature and Higher Spirituality

The source of the uplifting forces of nature. The emanations of the uplifting substances as a salt of the earth. The spiritualization of the mineral and the source of the spirituality of the higher developmental powers of the human being.

Powers of Higher Spirituality and Corrupting Spirituality

The will of nature to assist in higher spiritual progress. The acceleration of the evolution of the world. What are the roles of corrupting forces and powers? The changes in the path into the spiritual realms in our modern age. The purity of the modern path of spiritual development.

The Will of the Soul to Know Itself

How the elemental realms of the cosmos affects the soul-nature. The seeds of immortality and the will of the cosmos. The life-spirit that enters the soul-nature. The flowing will of the spiritual beings of the cosmos. The seeing and forming of the spiritual cosmic being of man.

The Fire of the Soul

The role and use of fire in the soul being and the soul nature. The attainment of the mastery of the soul and the emanations of the will of higher spiritual beings into the soul. The light of the spirit and human transformation.

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