0781 091017 Inspirational Spirituality and Higher Human Spirituality 52m

0781 091017 Inspirational Spirituality and Higher Human Spirituality 52m


The Path of Pure Spirituality

What is our spirituality? What spirit comes from taking in our studies? What is pure spirituality? Inspirational spirituality.

Inspirational Spirituality

What is the difference between forms of knowledge? The technique of Inspirational spirituality. Consciousness, light, and inspiration. Inspiration and companionship of the soul. Listening and the consciousness in the soul. Companionship of the spirit and the development of listening in the realms of the spirit. How to develop inspirational spirituality in the soul.

Alchemy, Inspiration, Nature, and the Soul

The development of Alchemy in the soul. Fire, water and carbon. Soul-illumination and alchemy. Feelings and the sprit in nature. Alchemy and feelings. The Steps into nature. Thought and feelings. Feeling and movement and spiritual beings. The role of carbon in nature. Impressions and feeling in nature. Alchemy and Oil and Carbon.

The Soul and Nature

Thought and feeling and the connection of the soul to the alchemical processes of nature. The relationship of the artist to the souls of human beings and the spirit. The living picture form of the artist. The picture form of nature.

The Intellectual and the Artist

The feeling-less form of the intellectual. The separation of the soul from nature in the intellectual. The scientist and the intellectual. Artistic forms of science. The intellectual realm of the soul and the great division of the soul from nature. The contrast of the artist and the intellectual. The normal picture view of the intellectual.

The Elemental Spirits of Nature and the Human Being

The tremendous power of the elemental spirits. The capacity of the intellectual to avoid the elemental spirits and the realm of the elementals. The power of the human soul to be in a realm of pure freedom. How the soul blocks the realms of living spirituality.

The Female Nature and Psychology

The significance of the differences in the male and female natures. Psychology and the human female. The mystery of the female soul nature. The spirit and psychology. Inspiration and the female. The characteristics of inspiration and female soul nature. The line of influences that descend from the male spiritual nature.

The Form of the Aetheric Nature in Males and Females

The source of the male spirituality and voice of the spirit. The hidden form of the spirituality within in the soul nature of the female. The passive and negative formations of the aetheric natures of males and females.

Knowledge and Realms of the Spirit

The need for a true knowledge in order to enter the realms of the spirit. The different form of knowledge. Spiritual knowledge as a need of the spiritually developing soul.

Karma and Opening the Soul

Why does mankind have to deal with his spiritual nature? Karma and how it opens the soul.

The Symbols of the Fruit and the Tree in Poetry

The fruit of the human nature realm. How one tends and keeps the fruit fresh. The symbols of the fruit and tree and the spiritual nature of the human soul. Following the Inspirations into the realms of the spirit in nature.

The Ugly and the Beautiful

The two aspects of nature in the ugly and the beautiful, the rotten and the delicious. The fragrances and odors of things. The scary and ugly formations in nature. Perceptions that drive the soul into itself. The invisible portions of the soul-nature. The need to comprehend the external nature to know the hidden and invisible forms and forces of nature.

Karma and Unfolding the Higher Spiritual Connection

The coming of the unexpected and the great changes of the soul. Jim Carey and his comment, “I'm leaking” , in The Grinch that stole Christmas.

Higher Human Spirituality and Nature

The reality of life-spirit and the fruits of the human soul nature. The value of comprehending the power of spirituality in human nature. The corruption of the soul and the paths of perdition. Enlightenment and illumination and the development of human spirituality. The progress of the human soul and illumination and enlightenment. The path to discover the human soul. What is the power in the soul to find truth, beauty, and goodness? The illumination of the path to the realms of the spirit. What it takes to be a participant on the path to the realm of the spirit in nature?

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