09210 071419 The Siege of Leningrad and the Coming of the Christs of the Earth 51m

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092 The Realm of the Aetheric Christ and Super Spiritual Materiality

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Lecture 10 in the Series The Realm of the Aetheric Christ Series 092

09210 071419 The Siege of Leningrad and the Coming of the Christs of the Earth 51m

The Preparation

The work and preparation of super spiritual-nature. Who? How? The invisible aspects of the spiritual work and the workers. The bodies that went before. The forming of the super spiritual-nature out of the karma of human beings. The substance of the Christs of the Spiritual-nature.

The Siege of Leningrad 1941

The people and the reality. The shroud of death and starvation. The karma of the Russians and the German Army. The ideals of the German leaders.

The Spirit of the City

The spirit of the city. The decree of the German leader Adolph Hitler to his Generals for the fate of the people of Leningrad. The changes in the soul-spiritual atmosphere. The plight. The starvation. The dying and the sick. The three summers and winters. The coming of the Christs. The Polish church at Zanach. The ration order.

The Real Bread Sacrament

The sacrament of the Bread. The blessing of the spirt. When is the sacrament true? The escort of the angels. The sacrifice of gold for food. The food of the human being as sacrifice. The Christmas songs and the changes in the atmosphere of the earth.

The City of the Christs

The unreality of the labels and names. The falling and the failing of the ideals of the people. The peppery life.

The Modern Life-spirit

The search for the most valuable. The search for the correct feeling nature. The search for worthiness. Is a human being ever to find his own self? The lesson of the learning from the Nazis and the Communists. The unreality of external names and forms. The people of the war and the creation of the life-spirit in the world of men. The teachings. The joy of the becoming in the spirit.

The Blood

The shedding of the blood brought down spiritual beings in nature. The blood of the Christs of the ages. The seeing of the initiates. The seeing of the spiritual souls in the atmosphere of the earth.

The Spiritual Breath

Where is the spiritual breath? How has the spiritual breath worked in the earth? What has been the tasks of the Christs of the earth? What did they do? Where can one look for the evidence of their work?

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